JČU still offers preparatory courses Added:11.2. 2008
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JČU still offers preparatory courses

Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice offers prospective students a preparatory course in Zadov. An intensive six-day course will start in Sunday, the 20th April 2008 and offers a total of 30 lessons and 10 hours of individual consultations. The course focuses on repetition and knowledge of secondary school mathematics and often repeated mistakes and shortcomings identified in the admission tests. In addition to training the candidates will gain a more comprehensive idea about the course and organization of higher education. Students are given individual care in order to eliminate specific deficiencies and ambiguities of each student. The course is possible to register by 15 March. Detailed information about courses EF JU find „here.“: Http://home.ef­.jcu.cz/public/de­partments/kmi/kur­z/

Secondary school students is determined by the cycle of fiction master lectures Historia vitae, organized by Institute of Historical Studies Faculty of Arts, JU. Lectures will be held until the 18th 4th 2008 in the building of the Faculty of Arts USB (On Mill sewer 35). Overview of topics and lecturers will find „here.“: Http://www.ff­.jcu.cz/struc­ture/departmen­ts/uhs/hmv.php

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