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How to prepare a study to test the general assumptions Added:19.2. 2008
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How to prepare a study to test the general assumptions

More and more colleges are resorting to the admission of applicants on the basis of the results of comparative tests of the National Scio. Usually required for passing the test of general study and test assumptions, which are relevant discipline (eg social sciences). What are you waiting for such tests and how to prepare it?

** What is a test ** OSP Test of general study assumptions (the OSP) test whether the student has basic skills and abilities needed for university study. Does not therefore secondary skills in problem solving are only based on information provided directly in the text input.

The test contains 105 jobs and an applicant has to fill 105 minutes of time. Tasks are divided into three sections focusing on the verbal, analytical and quantitative thinking. The solving of each section is 35 minutes, time is not transferable between sections. The test is offered by the selection of options from which one will always be just right.

Not allowed any instruments except stationery and free exchange of notes.

** ** How to prepare Once you know what the test form, you can better prepare for it. Although not tested knowledge, but nevertheless: fortune favors the prepared. How can you improve your chances of success?

  • Think through „site Scio“: You will find not only more information on the form of tests, including demos, but also here every day, you can solve one type of role, which appears in the test.
  • For those who want to rehearse direct filling tests, Scio offers to buy a set of sharp paper tests from last year's entrance examinations.
  • Do not let the brain grow lazy and tormented him roles in which you might think. How about every day, solve a Sudoku? You can also consult a variety of crossword puzzles.
  • Read lots of books and concentrate on how to understand the text.
  • Repeat a simple mathematical problems and examples. Now the math part, you can best prepare. Make sure you have an overview of the basic areas of mathematics. The examples of the tests such as the role:

The definition of functions

y = ____x__________ √ x2 + 5× + 6

(Editor's note.: Root in the example of the expression x * x + 5× + 6)


(A) (- ∞, 2) (3, + ∞) (B) (-3.2) © R – {-3, –2} (D) (- ∞, –2) at (-3, + ∞) (E) (- ∞, 3) (-2, + ∞)

And there is already some basic knowledge you need. Of course, not saying that this is all (and indeed are not), but also such you may encounter.

  • Play games. Anything with what you have to consider various alternatives. Suitable as chess or checkers, but can try and Scrabble and more.

In completing the test, try to remain calm and follow the simple tasks to more difficult. Good luck!


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