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Annoying box on the application of university Added:16.2. 2008
Updated:16.1. 2013
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Annoying box on the application of university

Most of this year's graduates are now flooded around stacks of orange-and-white sign bearing securities application to study at university. The experience of current freshmen were the biggest problem to fill a box in which the candidate has demonstrated its interest in the study (SEVT the form on page 2). We have prepared some useful tips on how to deal with this imbroglio.

If your school does not hold oral dream bike, or offer any other agency, you can stay calm, and this part of the application for leave alone too. If the contrary, it certainly underestimate. It is this section is liable to significantly affect your (non) acceptance.

What is this box? It depends on the orientation of the field. The technical school examination committee nedojmete about ten years in the school choir, the right is the practice as well as an aerobics instructor gets. The universal rule is: write everything there, as you can in a good light to distinguish them from others and at the same time it relates to your expertise. You have succeeded in the Olympics? (Indicate the location of each of the top wheel.) You have to study abroad (and short)? You have gained experience in the field? (It show some confirmation on a separate sheet.) They put you exam? Bring it, and not only on the humanities! They went a long time hobby you ring? You have won any other competitions? What about school scientific activities (SOC)? You went to the preparatory courses? They are members of the organization kýženému related field? You wrote a seminar paper on the larger good? You published in the journal?

Your list of the application should be clear and easily readable. The easiest way is to provide information specific points. First, write a rough draft of an auxiliary paper. Fill in the time span of these activities. It is very important to avoid hrubek (keep it from someone check). Carefully choose words – sounds better than „foreign cultural-cognitive stay“ rather than "exchange with our school in Slovakia. And watch out – those data should obviously be true! It can happen that you will be asked to prove something (like a copy of the certificate of language).

Why all this effort? It is this application is only your business card before you come to the oral round of entrance exams. Definitely more captivating if you have this box a couple of points that reflect your interest in the field than when it just struck out. The interview itself is also trying to grab what they have. As far as bonuses, some schools require you to ask her about it with their application. Elsewhere, it is enough to the test.

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