COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Information and Library Studies Added:24.2. 2008
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Information and Library Studies

This relatively little-known field can be studied at the philosophical faculties. Do you know anything about him? It deals not only carrying books from the shelves and back, but also works with information of all kinds. The application thus appears to be wide. Read the comparisons and you'll see, you need to Information and Library Studies like. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** Branch ** Brief Introduction Information and Library Studies can be studied at three Czech universities – in Prague, Brno and Opava, everywhere in the philosophical faculties. Field names on these sites are slightly different, but not enough to after reading this article did not know what's going on.

For starters, it is advisable to briefly introduce the field. Study librarianship means of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills for the provision of library services. They consist of the organization, sorting and searching of library funds, work with electronic information systems, databases, etc. It is not only a library, an important role to work with information as such. Branch at each faculty, where you can study profiles a little differently. Somewhere focuses more on traditional librarianship, turn elsewhere to study the information.

The application is quite wide – a graduate course can work as a librarian, but also as a bibliographer, editorial staff, spokesman of libraries, library collections manager, information analyst, consultant or manager, a carpenter … (It should be noted that not every graduate will find work in the field that he studied.)

** FF MU, Brno **

** ** Course characteristics The Brno branch called Information and Library Studies. It can be studied Bachelor's and Master's study, but in both cases, only single-subject. The scope of study is, as the name suggests, moreover, not only libraries but also work with information. As for the items, prepare yourself as an information science, methods of library work, work with information sources, language selection, methodology of research and statistics, computer literacy, reference services, but also need to philosophy …

** Admission ** The bachelor's degree be taken at the test result Learning Potential (TSP). More about him can be read „here“:…achelor_test.

Chances of acceptance ** ** Number of entries: 306 Number received: 122; lowest possible percentile of TSP: 66.02 (Data are based on the results of admission for the year 2007/2008, applies to full-time undergraduate study.)

** The opinion of students ** Comparing with other faculties of my own experience I can, but I heard that in Brno, we focus much more philosophically than in Prague. There apparently have no such philosophy. Yet she was a freshman, most of us are surprised at how much we have to work with computers. The quality of teaching, I generally satisfied (teachers, technical support ,…), but I think that learning languages ​​should be there to give more space, some are there to teach the advanced level. For some of the lectures would not hurt if they added seminars that teaching was more practical. I think the difficulty of field does not matter only on the actual substance, but also on teachers' demands. And those on a case by case differ radically. Some of us really want. Overall, I but our study nezařazovala the toughest …

Note: Most of the faculties in making the admission control test of study skills. The final location of the candidates represents so-called percentile – This number indicates what percentage of candidates achieved success compared with others. Eg.: If I had a percentile of TSP 66, it means that I was better than 66 percent of their colleagues. The same system used by such company and Scio.

** Faculty Pages: ** „“: "Site of the Cabinet Information and Library Studies':

** Charles University, Prague **

** ** Course characteristics The name field is the same as in Prague, Brno, then Information and Library Studies. You can study again only single-subject, and a Bachelor's degree, then the master, where you can also choose an alternate field of study of new media. And what can you expect for objects? Library systems, history of libraries and librarianship, bibliographic search services, information services online, but i need logic, rhetoric, and speed reading course. And that's not all.

** Admission ** It consists of a test, study skills and knowledge test, where the candidate may choose from two options – either the computer or the humanities. Examples of tests last year found „here“:….

Chances of acceptance ** ** Number of entries: 251 Number received: 40 + 56 to FF in VOŠIS (Data are from admission for the year 2007/2008. The numbers are taken by two numbers: the first 40 were taken at Charles University, the remaining 56 to cooperating College of Information Studies.)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“: "Site Institute of Information and Library Studies':

** FPF SLU, Opava **

** ** Course characteristics In Opava, see the program of study Information and Library Studies just two branches, and Library, which can be combined with several other disciplines, and Information Studies with a focus on librarianship. It is interesting that the former, more social-oriented, by the Institute Bohemistics and librarianship, other, more specialized in information systems, etc., Institute of Informatics. Continue to be the master cycle, you will find fields of information and library studies and librarianship with a focus on community-based public library.

** Admission ** Good news – from this year are entrance exams for this subject (and the variety of others) has been deleted.

Chances of acceptance ** ** The success of bak. Library field: 87 percent (Valid for admission last year, only for full-time Bachelor degree in Librarianship. The rest of the „here“:…jni-programy. It is important to take note that entrance exams are not held this year, which should be more chances of success increased. If, however, must not forget to fill in an application …)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“: „Pages Bohemistic Institute and Library“:…i/index_html "Site of the Institute of Informatics':…y/index_html

Well, perhaps this article will inspire at least a little, and if right now yearning for the study of librarianship, at least you'll know next time that such a thing exists.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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