The Special Branch: Human Geography Added:27.2. 2008
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The Special Branch: Human Geography

Already we are on our website written by the physically-oriented geographic areas. It might sound surprising, but the geography is also studying humanities focus. What is hidden behind the seemingly absurd notion of „human geography“? Note: Article was updated on 2 12th 2009th (BEL)

** The course of study ** Human Geography courses are oriented as opposed to physical, characterized by greater emphasis on sociology and economics. Usually study of social phenomena with an emphasis on collecting and analyzing spatial data, development studies – economic and social resources for regional development – and the socio-political realities of different regions of the world. Of course, their graduates have a lot of knowledge of physical geography.

** ** How to study The science faculties „Charles University“: http://natur.cuni.cza Masaryk University in Brno „: are printed humanities-oriented undergraduate geography courses, although some orientation allows the selection of subjects. In Glasgow, for example, in the second year students choose their focus (physical or human). In Prague, the opportunity to study the social geography at the undergraduate level only in combination with demographics. Admission to Brno is needed to pass a written test of scholastic aptitude and qualification tests of geography, the Prague tests in mathematics and geography. Both universities but have master's courses that focus towards the humanities. In Brno's Geography and Regional Development and Social Geography at the Prague Social geography and regional development and regional and political geography. "Palacky University in Olomouc“: offers two undergraduate programs – international development studies and regional geography. In both fields, the admission test is a test of geography at school and a general overview of current world events, the candidates for international development studies are expected to have a basic awareness of international humanitarian and development assistance. Regional Geography deals with phenomena related to economic and social development of regions, international study of regional geography of the developing regions, graduates should master the two languages ​​in the world. „The University of Jan Evangelista“: a menu of Faculty of Science Bachelor degree „Central European Studies“: The admission is required to pass a test of geographical knowledge. For admission to courses at the „Faculty of Ostrava University“: need to pass a test of general study assumptions. Courses offered by the Political and Cultural Geography and Geography and Regional Development. Both have a master's degree courses.

** Application ** Graduates humanely geographical disciplines may find use in collecting and processing social data using spatial data (eg statistical offices and agencies) in enterprises in the fields of transport, tourism, international trade and agriculture. Further, at all levels of government in project offices, research institutes and development agencies.

Author: Pracný, Pavel

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