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Even a private school may be a solution Added:29.2. 2008
Updated:6.6. 2011
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Even a private school may be a solution

Although as part of the Czech education system enacted only ten years ago today: private colleges offer higher education in a significant role. And what is actually private schools differ from public? It tells you the following article. Note: Article was the 6th 6th Updated in 2011. (KAV)

At 6 recorded in April 2011 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoE) in accordance with details of 44 private universities. The first Czech private high school was Jan Amos Comenius University in Prague. Although the individual departments, there are certain differences (eg price, the organization, but unfortunately in the quality of studies), we may have found the essential characteristics, which distinguish them from public schools. These include that:

  • Is based private education provider (ie acting as a commercial or public benefit corporation), which, however, for its business needs government approval (accreditation details)
  • Are mainly financed from its own resources and tuition fees (it now ranges from about twenty to several thousands of dollars per year), if necessary. grants from the Ministry of Education
  • Their main goal is to have its origin fill the „hole“ in the spectrum of public schools, mainly on the basis of the current requirements of applicants, employers and the job market
  • Unlike the public schools can not draw funds from development programs of the Ministry of Education, receive bonuses for the number of graduates or the contributions from the Higher Education Development Fund

** Testing is not free ** Judith is studying for the second year of private high school in Karlovy Vary, Legal Specialization program. How satisfied are studying? „The quality of lectures and learning overall is very good on all legal subjects, English is perhaps just a little harder on it. The legal articles have always been professors in the field and I must admit that most of us treated the individual. Although our schedules rather harsh, but it is not comprehensive teaching performance – attendance is not mandatory, "says. Moreover, apparently not have a credit system, which is common at most universities, including private ones. The concept of a private school for maybe someone can mean the same thing as "learning without effort“ – but I do pay him the students. And Judith admits that it is difficult to maintain the school, but everything has its own „but“. "For us this is so that tests are offered throughout the school year. They are not quite the three shots, but usually it does not write anywhere. The tests, however, usually take place quite sharply, and until we have the necessary knowledge, so that nobody writes us – prefer to print another term, even if the test consisted of identification. My worst experience was a reckoning of the constitutional rights that I made up for the eighth attempt and it was still a fairly decent score. This year we also made the first state examination and not at all far from her first attempt failed. "Students also said to receive any unpaid monthly summer practice, and this classic eight hours a day.

** Drill as a way to the title ** Vlada is a third year student of the Faculty of Engineering at the Agricultural University of Prague, which belongs to the public schools. As a total study says, lectures and workshops in most cases quite good. „But if a student needs a personal consultation, perhaps because of a domestic project, get the speaker is not so easy,“ he adds. Studies are governed by the „classical“ credit system. „Heavy testing, we have more than enough and some of them unfortunately someone mark the end of study. In our country, because – although not always well – the rule is three strikes'…“ On the other hand, appreciates the freedom to choose the schedule, although both again just adds exercises are required and the lectures will also be paid to walk. „But I believe that because of this drill will be easier for me to prepare for the Bachelor's exam more than me, if after three years of no one wanted,“ concluded the Government.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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