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Visiting the school and hobbies, a student in Management Culture Added:12.3. 2008
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Visiting the school and hobbies, a student in Management Culture

Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno last year for the first time opened a new field of management in culture. The student Pšeničková Radek told us about his operation, some initial problems, but also that when the school paid to have prosecuted many other things.

After the performance, theater hurling Kouřim fingers, playing Radek dead bride, we went to sit in a cozy pub near the square …

** What do you say to your new field? ** I joined him after completing the bachelor's exa­mination of the Joint uměnovědných studies, a branch of the same institute. Graduate Management in the culture should be able to manage cultural institutions like galleries, museums, theaters, etc. The course consists of two parts – the first takes place at the Faculty of Arts, where you learn the aesthetics, theory and art history. Faculty of Economics, then we have the right to public economics, ekomii culture and mass media, economics, non-profit organizations, marketing, human resources and so on.

** Management culture is taught only in the master's studio follow-up. What should be the candidate qualified to be able to log in? Must have completed a study Art? ** Most people, about 80 percent, followed by some bachelor of science from the Institute of Musical Arts, then to the Association of Art Studies, Musicology, Theory of Interactive Media. But there goes the girl that made midwifery, which made me very very surprised. She told me he was quite surprised at how it goes for our faculty, compared with that of its predecessor. There was a lot more responsibility and more stable base, almost every day some work, but for us it is not so …

** Nepotýká the management in culture, as a new field, with some teething problems? ** Of course, it is still not completely perfect. The first difficulty arises when you register items: Economist has a different date of registration, other codes, so everyone there entered its seminars and then begin to solve our problem there at all, we do not have access, so we left with the worst of times. It solves a lot on the job, but it is understandable when our industry works only the first year. You also need to refine the overall structure of the study. When we receive some items that logically follow, and we did not start from the rear. It has a bit of luck.

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** What you are working in addition to school? ** I have quite a lot. I am trying to split so that half of the week devoted to school and half the rest. My hobby is great theater. I play in the amateur group Kourimska hurling fingers. We perform at various festivals and events throughout the country. Almost regularly participate in national student competition in theaters Nachod. 2 We also fought at the national contest of amateur theater in High nad Jizerou, where we won several awards. Theater us much fun and when we see it like the others, and occasionally even take you to an award, it is for us the momentum to continue. Otherwise předcvičuju aerobics, dance Latin and Standard dances, plays the piano. Before, I worked as a personnel clerk in a pharmaceutical company. Salary student ratios was above average, but I'm not nestíhala. Also working in the cultural commission of Kourim, where I did the practice.

** Do you have a mandatory practice? ** Yes, it's part of the study. We practice in a cultural institution. I organized a theater festival Kourimska podivování. Took place within two months, about once every two days, held performances. The event attracted a lot of people, a total of about eight hundred, which is a high number of local conditions. I hope that the disturbing and otherwise somewhat stagnant water Kouřim traditional social life.

** How much do you spend the week in Brno? ** I should have school from Monday to Friday, but before I go. I also give space to their tastes, so you can not afford to devote all his time to school and ride on Friday evening.

** How do you see your future application? Would you remain faithful to my field? ** I'd love to, but it's not easy. In some cultural institutions hardly take a fresh graduate, even from the field, which we have been told on various excursions. I just need people who have experience, and especially perhaps even in the economics and management. Fortunately, it always comes that I'm doing what I enjoy. Hopefully I'll get lucky in the future.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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