COMPARISON OF FIELDS: Political Science II. part Added:12.3. 2008
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COMPARISON OF FIELDS: Political Science II. part

Are you attracted to study humanities and thinking about politics? We have prepared information on other faculties, where you can study this field. Note: article was updated on the 11th 12th 2009 (-geese-).

** Palacky University in Olomouc ** ** Political Science and European Studies, Faculty of Arts **

** ** Course characteristics Students will be familiarized with the basics of the major disciplines of political science and European studies. Branch is dedicated to the development of political theories and political systems since the French revolution, however forget the problems of Czech politics and the European Union. There is emphasis on individual work of students and their language skills, especially in English.

** Entrance Exam ** Entrance exam is written, consists of a test of political science, sociology, history, laws of general knowledge related to politics. Part of the test is part of the Czech and in English.

Chances of acceptance ** ** The number of applicants for the academic year 2009/2010: 347 Number received for the academic year 2007/2008: 122 Estimated number accepted for the next academic year: 60

** The opinion of students ** Lenka J., 3 year „To study politics in Olomouc, I decided, because I liked the composition of objects, their distribution into classes and, finally, impressed me as a city of Olomouc. Compulsory subjects are not many. Most are 45 minutes and 45 minutes of lecture seminars. Seminars are compulsory lectures (with some exceptions) does not. Homework, if a student is honest, it consumes a disproportionate part of the day. Free time to investigate, of course, but it always … The big advantage is the small number of students in seminaries (12–15). Everyone knows, everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard, is much room for discussion. Teachers try to accommodate. Almost everyone has a chance to go abroad under the Erasmus program. The study is quite challenging. It placed great emphasis on self-study, reading is often in English. It is very important activity in seminars (in some subjects is evaluated), the frequent writing of essays, presentations in hours. “

** Faculty Pages: ** " / faculty / ff ':

** University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne **** Branch Basics Humanities – Political Science, Faculty of Arts **

** ** Course characteristics Field goal is to prepare students for work in local government, government, or in the media. There is an emphasis on current political, social and economic problems and their solutions in civil society. The FF UJEP can also study political science in combination with history, philosophy, social sciences, or the German language and literature.

** Entrance Exam ** The entrance examination is one round in the form of oral motivational interview (for both field Basics Humanities – Political Science, and for two-subject study Politoogie). During the course the candidate should demonstrate its interest in the study area (eg, seminar work from high school, results of competitions, his own reading). It also verified the fundamental orientation of candidates in the social sciences in the range of secondary grammar school curriculum.

** Number of received: ** 25 candidates in each two-subject combined with the field of Political Science and the Humanities Basic field – political science. Detailed results of the previous admission can be found „here“:…ff_2009.html.

** The opinion of students ** Jan, 2 year „Since only studying political science, but I have her and another discipline, the study is not easy. Every day of the week I have an object, but not all are doing attendance. So if I need to do work or seminar paper, stay home and work there. If I reported to college now, I would certainly vote for dvouobor – sometimes too much. Especially in the first year a lot of people will not last. Politics in Usti nad Labem, I would definitely recommend in terms of expertise of individual teachers. “

Faculty Pages ** ** „“:

** ** University of West ** Field of Political Science, Faculty of Arts **

** ** Course characteristics In addition to theoretical studies political science subjects and empirical nature of the student may take one of the related disciplines (eg international relations). There is also an emphasis on language skills graduate. Branch offers among others learning English, French, German, Spanish, Russian.

** Entrance Exam ** The entrance examination is written. The test contains questions of modern Czech and world history, contemporary politics and international relations, geography and political thought. Note: Faculty published a booklet Tests for the entrance exams. For information on purchasing her read „here“:…logie_bc.php.

Chances of acceptance ** ** In the last academic year 2008/2009 a study reported 722 applicants, 268 were accepted. This full-time at 469 and 162 entries received, to form a combined 253 and 106 entries received.

** The opinion of students ** Sonia Perglerová, 2 year „School is not difficult, but you must give her plenty of time throughout the study, due to numerous seminar work or referátům. Everything is easy to cope with the ongoing activity. The choice is really a large number of subjects, not only from political science, but also sub-branches, the student must be addressed. The selection of the anthropology, sociology, philosophy and international relations, which I chose too. During the bachelor's degree must fulfill the foreign language block, where you can choose two languages ​​that must be completed in the professional form. A lesson is usually 90 minutes. Free student has enough time, plus you can also commute daily from Prague. Transport is excellent. The study is based on creating a lot of seminar work and, therefore, reading, and sometimes vice versa win activity for hours. A prerequisite is quite considerable knowledge of politics and political science literature. Political Science student interest must, otherwise it probably does not address the subject. They will work with the literature but may obtain such a certificate or safety of journalism studies, the faculty thrive. The school is trying to awaken in the student's own intellectual apparatus that is used in discussions and in their seminar work. In addition to objects which are devoted to theory, there are a number of dedicated practice, such as conflict resolution training in international relations. In my opinion, UWB is able students in the first year to facilitate the emergence of high school. With guide for students, methodological seminar and write a student knows how to navigate. Moreover, in the first semester's schedule is already done and do not be afraid that it would handle enrollment for courses. “

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** University of Economics in Prague ** ** Field of Political Science, Faculty of International Relations

Course characteristics **** ** Branch provides knowledge of the Czech political system, comparison of political systems, issues of regional politics, international relations and European politics. A graduate gets a good knowledge in economics and at least two foreign languages.

** Entrance Exam ** The entrance examination consists of three separate written tests – mathematics and two foreign languages. Framework containing the test substance in mathematics is at the state high school graduation. As far as foreign languages, the candidate chooses two of the menu: English (UK), French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish (if not their mother / native language, or. The official language of which they are nationals) . Nationals from the former Soviet Union must take the language of the entrance exams in Russian language.

** Expected number of students admitted to the study: 100 **

Faculty Pages ** ** „“:

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