The secondary competition film critics Added:17.3. 2008
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The secondary competition film critics

Central Region, in cooperation with the Regional Council of Burgundy, the Regional Agency for the art and techniques of musical development and the committee ARTDAM Lycéens au cinéma announce the second annual high school competition film critics' CinéClyc.

The competition is open to secondary school students aged 14–18 years. Their task is using their professors write in their mother tongue Review of the French film „When Otar Left.“ The most successful participants will look at the Cannes Film festifal, the finalists will visit Burgundy.

The competition will take place in three main stages:

  1. The first competition will be held in each participating country, where the jury selects the finalists. Candidates write a review of selected films in the range 1 000–2 000 characters. Review is possible to write individually or in groups (maximum 5 people). However, during a meeting in Burgundy finalists will be evaluated each contestant based solely on their own reviews, written in their mother tongue.
  2. Students who write the best review for the film is a week from 7 to 10 April 2008 participate in the second stage of the competition. Meetings of the four finalists will take place in the participating regions Louhans in Burgundy, where the screening of several other films, which will write a new criticism.
  3. The four winners (one from each region) who will be selected at the end of this stage of the competition, will attend the Cannes Film Festival.

More information „Here.“: Http://­tnerstvi-a-spoluprace/56865/vyh­rajte-a-navstivte-mezinarodni-filmovy-festival-v-cannes-pro-finalisty-burgundsko

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