COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Environmentalism and the Environment II. Added:14.3. 2008
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Environmentalism and the Environment II.

The area of ​​environmental protection can be viewed from several angles. This issue can therefore be studied not only within the natural sciences, but perhaps also in terms of administration, environmental monitoring, environmental technology manufacturing, or in respect of nature and man. It is on these lines Environmental focuses the second part of our special. (Article was updated on the 30th 11th, 2009)

** ** How to study


  • ** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava **

** Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering ** ** Program: ** Metallurgical Engineering ** Category: ** Heat Technology and Environment **

** Graduates: ** In addition, the graduate receives a thorough knowledge in the field of thermal engineering and thermal energy, is also able to assess the consequences of the management of this energy on the environment (and also in terms of relevant legislation). Graduates may apply as in many industries and in the municipal sector and government.

** Program: ** Process inženýrsví ** Category: ** Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection

** Graduates: ** Graduates of this industry may perform different functions in obtaining environmental information and analysis of its condition, can prepare the basis for decision making in all areas of industry, government and research, which is to minimize the impacts of industrial technologies and the implications of their operations on the environment.

Detailed rules for the adoption can be found „here“:…lech-prijeti.

Web site: „“:


** Faculty of Environmental Technology ** ** Program: ** Technology for Environmental Protection ** Fields: ** Chemistry and technology of environmental protection, alternative energy and the environment; Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment, Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology

** Characteristics of the field and graduates: ** These courses emphasize in particular the chemical and chemical-technological aspects of environmental protection, but students must also attend courses focusing on law, economics and management, as well as on specialized fields such as ecology, water chemistry, air chemistry, biotechnology or information technology. Students gain a broad perspective in areas such as wastewater treatment, air protection, waste management and prevention. Graduates may apply as managers in departments of environmental and industrial farms or as environmentalists in the state administration and local self-government (departments of Environment regional and municipal offices, etc.). Often implemented as well as analysts and technologists in fields related to the protection and creation of the environment.

A detailed methodology for the selection of incoming students find „here“:…rijimackybak.

Web site: „“:…ium/bakalari

Related fields such as can be found on the Faculty of Chemical Technology **: ** ** Program: ** Chemistry and Applied Ecology System Engineering Environment (Bc), Chemicals in the environment (Bc)

Web site: „“:…/fcht/indexl


** Faculty of Chemistry ** ** Program: ** Chemistry and Chemical Technology ** Category: ** Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection **

** Graduates: ** Graduates of this field is applied in all industrial sectors such as environmentalists, water managers, experts on environment protection and waste management at all levels of state and local governments (eg in the control bodies for environmental laboratories in chemistry, biology, environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology, research and educational institutions focused on environmental protection, etc.

Web site: „“:

  • ** Masaryk University in Brno **

** Faculty of Social Studies ** ** Program: Environmental Humanities ** ** Category: ** ** Environmental Studies (Archeology)

** Characteristics of the field and graduates: ** This study program is focused more on the humanistic aspects of care for the environment and their students provides insight into the lifestyle in solving environmental problems. The aim of the study is based on an understanding of scientific, historic and cultural resources, ecological crisis, to seek possible solutions to conservation in various areas of human activity (sociology, economics, law, politics, religion, etc.).. The working place of work graduates are various nature conservation bodies in offices, environmental counseling, environmental education institutions, ecological movements, etc.

Web site: „“:…e/index.html

  • ** University of Tomas Bata **

** Faculty of Technology ** ** Program: ** Chemistry and Materials Technology ** Category: ** Environmental Engineering

** Characteristics of the field and graduates: ** Graduates can apply in practice in various fields related to environmental protection, both in the industrial field and in administration. Thanks to the technically-oriented subjects are able to assert itself in other technical fields and in a wide range of state and private companies and institutions.

Web site: „“:… <= en & type = 0

  • ** ** University of Pardubice

** Faculty of Chemical Technology ** ** Program: ** Ecology and Environmental Protection ** Category: ** Environmental Management

** Characteristics of the field and graduates: ** This degree course aims to prepare students to study in master's degree programs (particularly the legislative and administrative and environmental fields) and give them the opportunity to apply to positions in the technically educated middle management in state administration bodies at all levels for companies and companies operating in the chemical industry and environmental protection.

Web site: „ / FCHT“:

Fields affecting environmental issues can be studied but also elsewhere, for example, these schools and colleges:

  • ** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava **

** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ** ** Program: Mechanical Engineering ** ** Category: ** Engineering design and environmental

Web site: „“:

** Faculty of Mining and Geology Faculty of Science ** ** Program: ** Minerals ** Fields: ** Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering

Web site: „“:


** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ** ** Program: Mechanical Engineering ** ** Category: ** Environmental Technology

Web site: „“:

** Faculty of Civil Engineering ** ** Program: Civil Engineering ** ** Category: ** Environmental Engineering

Web site: „“:

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