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How has the interest of students in different types of schools and where the increased chances of admission? Added:16.3. 2008
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How has the interest of students in different types of schools and where the increased chances of admission?

Which types of schools are most interested in? How many candidates have filed an application last year? How does the private vocational schools and higher as the interest of candidates? We bring you the results of research of the Institute for Information in Education.

Total number of registered and received a high school in comparison to rise. After some time the job as fast as before in the interest of higher vocational schools, where the total number of applicants increased by less than 2%. This follows from the data collection in autumn 2007, which made the Institute for Information in Education.

** HIGH SCHOOL ** The study at universities in 2007 reported 146.8 thousand. candidates who have 323.7 thousand. applications. Each candidate gave an average of 2.2 applications. The entrance examination was attended by only 92.1% of applicants. Adopted there were 97.2 thousand. From which a total of 92.7 tis.uchazečů to study actual enrollment.

Compared to 2006/07 the total number of applicants to universities has increased by 6.5%. Number of received increased by 9.1% and enrollment by 8.5%. The vast majority of candidates shall be reported to public high school (92.3%). Private colleges have adopted 14.5 thousand. candidates, of which 13.6 thousand. to study enrollment.

Candidates with the most votes for studying business, humanities and social sciences, technical and educational fields. The vast majority of applicants for full-time are 19 and 20 years, in 2007 a total of 19 years old accounted for 47.2% registered for classroom teaching and 20 years accounted for 22.3%.

** ** HIGHER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL The vocational colleges in 2007, the study reported 17.5 thousand. candidates who have 21.2 thousand. applications. Only 89.2% of them appear for the entrance exam actually showed up (15.6 thousand).. The study adopted a total of 13.6 thousand. candidates. The study actually boarded 11.3 thousand. of them. Each candidate gave on average 1.2 applications. Candidates are usually reported on the economic, medical and educational fields.

Since 2003/04, decreasing the number of applications registered, accepted and enrolled in higher vocational schools, while between 2003/04 and 2004/05 was the decrease significant. Compared with the previous year 2006/07 for a long time, the number of entries by 1.9%, the number received by 7.8% and enrollment by 4.5%.

** ** TERTIARY EDUCATION A study at the tertiary level, ie at higher professional schools and universities, in 2007, reported 156.1 thousand. candidates who have 344.9 thousand. applications. Each candidate gave an average of 2.2 applications. The entrance examinations are not attended only 92.3% of all participants (144.1 thousand).. Number of students who were admitted to the study, was 108,700. The study actually boarded 95.2%, ie 103.5 thousand of them.

The total number of applicants increased from 2006/07 to 9500 (ie 6.5%), the total number taken has increased by 8800, an increase of 8.8%. The overall success rate of candidates for admission to higher and higher vocational schools reached 75.4%. The daily (or full-time) studies even 79.3%. More successful were the candidates for full-time at a higher vocational school (87.6%) compared with the candidates for full-time study in master's degree programs (39.2%) and bachelor's degree programs (76.3%).

Source: IIE, Ministry of Education.

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