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22nd International Fair of low-energy building Added:12.8. 2011
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22nd International Fair of low-energy building

Press news

The emphasis on saving energy in the building will play in the next few years an important role. Exhibitors Fair FOR ARCH therefore prepared a presentation of new products and attractions in the area of ​​low-energy building. On 22 International Fair FOR ARCH 2011 (21 to 25 9, PVA EXPO PRAGUE) you can find news and trends in the progressive construction sector.

The main theme also pervades all concurrent exhibitions, which are: FOR THERM – Fair heating, alternative energy sources and air-conditioning, FOR WOOD – Exhibition of Progressive Building from Wood, FOR ELEKTRO – Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Illuminating Engineering and Alarm Systems, SPORT TECH – Trade Fair of Sports Constructions , their technologies and equipment. Each fair has its strong presence among the exhibitors.

The importance of the fair is also confirmed by the fact that here they can find inspiration for all who think about the construction of passive houses. One such is Mr.. Miroslav Moravec, who lives in a passive house for two years and drew inspiration at the trade fair FOR ARCH and from friends who already live in passive houses. * „With the use of the house I am extremely satisfied, if in the future I decided to build again, my choice will clearly be the same,“ * adds Moravec and continues: * „The biggest advantage I find in this house save energy and use extra time I did not find any pitfalls and no disadvantages. Certainly all those who are planning to build a passive house, I recommend to visit the trade fair FOR ARCH, which have the opportunity to learn lots of interesting information, meet with experts and gain valuable advice. “*

Not only for hints, tips and interesting suggestions, visitors can come to the fair FOR ARCH 2011, which will be held from 21 to 25 9th 2011, but they can also visit a rich accompanying program. ** Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology ** at the fair under the present 21st September from 13:00. Another interesting topic is a special lecture block from the Passive House Centre ** **. Visitors can attend lectures such as these: „Passive houses – why and how“ and „How do you live in a passive house“. Complete the accompanying program, visit the fair

Very interesting attraction for visitors to the fair is also a special competition with the main partner of the trade fair FOR ARCH 2011, the company ** BEST ** as, a manufacturer of concrete paving for prizes worth a total of 500.000, – CZK. The draw will take place twice daily on the exposure of the BEST in Hall 2 in SG & EXPO PRAGUE.

Fairs are generally in addition to the most comprehensive online source of information, which exists today. Compared to the Internet is their main advantage the possibility of direct communication with representatives of the exhibiting companies – that what you may have after viewing the website difficult to inquire by e-mail or telephone, explaining in the face of people who work in the company. At one point this leads to a concentration of people and information and present innovations and trends.

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