The Special Branch: Horticulture Added:19.3. 2008
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The Special Branch: Horticulture

Are you attracted to the study of botany, but the science faculties is to your taste too much theory? And vice versa, or are looking for more theoretical knowledge to their love of gardening? Whether you belong to any group, for you are all field called Gardening. Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-K-)

** Where can you study **

Horticulture Branch to study at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources or at the Mendel University in Brno Faculty of Horticulture. Both schools offer a three-year bachelor's and master's courses in Prague, plus you can choose between full-time (day) and combined (distance) in the form of study. Professional bachelor's degree focusing on the Czech Agricultural University is suitable for direct use in practice. But if you want to continue to master degree, you must go to this school in addition attend the annual compensation study. Graduates of master study will then be awarded the degree of Ing.

** Entrance Exams **

Entrance exams for universities are both single round and in writing. Tests are stacked most of the screening knowledge of biology, botany largest part. Questions of chemistry, mathematics or language do not need to prepare, these articles are waiting for you to during their studies.

** Study **

While studying horticulture await you, especially in the first half of the studies, theoretically oriented subjects (botany, chemistry, soil science, meterologie, microbiology, biochemistry, herbology, etc.). These include various workshops and seminars, where you can all the horticultural industry to „touch“ in practice, so the theoretical and practical part of the study is balanced. In addition, even taught courses focusing on agricultural technology and economics.

** Application **

Bachelor's degree graduates may apply horticultural rather lower managerial positions in operations and in the horticultural advisory services and specialized gardening or gardening in research or in education. They should have „in the little finger“ disciplines such as botany, fruit, vegetable, Dendrology, breeding and seed production and maintenance of greenery. But, mostly, to the Master's program you can get to the positions where the clay since neumažete …

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