The Special Branch: Science Film Added:21.3. 2008
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The Special Branch: Science Film

Do you see movies differently than your neighborhood? Do you feel born to do, you not only commented on the plot and special effects, but also assembly, work with the camera or mizanscénu? Then you are just born to film studies. Go study it. Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

Science can be studied film at the philosophical faculties of three Czech universities. Specifically, Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno and Palacký University in Olomouc. Branch is named differently – in the Faculty of Arts Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture, the Faculty of Arts and Film Arts UPOL science, but often encounter, for example, the concept of film studios.

** Would you like to make films? So better try it elsewhere … ** Study of Film Studies involves primarily the history of Czech and world cinema and theory of filmmaking, then (depending on the particular school), the foundations of aesthetics, art theory, basics of film criticism, dramaturgy, etc. "The study is mainly theoretical, as the name suggests. I do not take it as a disadvantage, just point out potential bidders who wish to study film studies because, to learn to make films, be it straight forget, "says the student of the Faculty of Arts Martin D.

** How do I get to take? ** Admission testing at all three schools vary. The Faculty of Arts applicants write „TSP“:…achelor_test (test study skills) and industry-test, which consists of questions from the media and film theory, history of Czech and world cinema and professional understanding of the text in English (for more information „here“:…skeho-studia). The Charles University is tested in two rounds. The first is the aptitude test – a written analysis and tests relating to that film, in the second round, candidates undergo an oral interview on the different knowledge of film studies (for details read „here“: / 0205.htm). The FF UPOL takes place only oral, that detects uchazečův relationship to the field, his ability to analyze the film work, etc. (more „here“:…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid% 5D = 383 & Chashi = 5a362f0a46)

The chances of admission at various colleges again uneven. While the Department of Film Studies at Charles University on its website boasts that „reaches the number of applications received annually about ten candidates,“ the Science Film Olomouc gets almost half the entries. More information about these numbers is available at the individual faculties, institutes and extension departments (see links at bottom of article).

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2203/fil­m1.jpg * *]

** ** Pros and Cons As a positive side of his studies Martin takes particular that the field is quite low number of students, almost everyone is familiar. „Teachers are also experts of renown. As a disadvantage, however, I see that each of these experts is rather narrowly specialized in a specific area of ​​research, teaching is not construed too complex. What the student really interested in your own supervision. “

** What is it with the application? ** Graduate Film Studies can be applied especially in various professions connected with film and culture, eg in the media (as a film critic, reviewer, editor, etc.) Of course, also has the option to continue postgraduate studies at the department and act as a teacher and researcher. But as Martin says, "Not everyone who vystuduje some discipline, it is alive. And with film studies, it is clear that not every graduate will be a film scholar. "Talking but optimistic tone, for a lot of options today.

** Where to study film studies: ** „Charles University“: – „Department of Film Studies“: „FoA“: – „Department of Film and Audiovisual Culture“: „FF UPOL“: – „Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies“:

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Sources: Websites of individual faculties.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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