New courses at the Czech Agricultural University Added:19.3. 2008
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New courses at the Czech Agricultural University

Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University in Prague, newly opened for the next academic year following fields: Organic farming; Trials, Plant, Grassland Management, Public Administration in the field of agriculture and landscape management, and utilization and protection of natural resources.

General admission is part of the written entrance examination in biology and chemistry (theoretically oriented – Bachelor's degree), or biology with a focus on the chosen specialization (professionally oriented bachelor's degree). The content of the written exam is a substance in the range of study at school. The aim of the written test is to verify the assumptions of candidates for the study based on knowledge of basic disciplines, important for the chosen degree program, and select the number of students that faculty capacity. Are evaluated and the results of graduation exams in high school.

The study must submit an application to the study department of the Faculty Dean's Office on the prescribed form by 31 March 2008. Faculty also receives an electronic application form, and in all types and forms of study. The form can be found on the „this address.“: Http://prijimac­ Admission will be held on 9 – 13 June 2008

More information is available „here.“: Http://­­7&i=2902

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