Special of the field: Fields of Charles University - Part I Added:2.4. 2008
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Special of the field: Fields of Charles University - Part I

For those interested in studying physical education and disciplines that are associated with the movement, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Charles University wide range. The following survey and interviews with participants will facilitate navigation among them. In the first episode will introduce the field of Physical Education and Sport. Note: Article was updated on December 13, 2009. (-Pel-)

** Degree Programme of Physical Education and Sport ** ** Physical Education and Sport ** Field Studies offers the following guidelines: Health Promotion Activities, Outdoor Activities, Protection of Population, Physical Education and Sport with disabilities, sports specialization.

Graduates of this field should have higher education qualifications and skills for professional activities such as sports clubs and sport facilities, fitness centers, travel agencies, or in cultural and recreational centers of leisure. Students are trained in theory and didactics of physical education can also select from a biomedical and social science subjects and is waiting for practice.

Minimum number of accepted: Full-time study: 85 Combined studies: 50

Entrance examinations: Written:

  • A test of general knowledge (biology, philosophy, physics, problems of Sport)
  • Test in a foreign language (or Even Ger)

Talent: link ‚here‘: www.ftvs.cuni.cz/…ovky0708.pdf

  • Athletics, gymnastics, playing sports, swimming

** Physical Education and Sport in combination ** Field offers similar features as a separate branch TVS, however, to allow students to continue in the master study „Teaching Physical Education for Secondary Schools“ in combination with another subject. Students can combine studies in physical education and sport to the next subject up in one of the combinations. They can choose mathematics, special education, chemistry or geography. Guarantors of others are more qualified subjects at Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Education, and Science).

Minimum number of accepted: TVS in combination with the math: 20 TVS in combination with the language: 20 TVS in combination with chemistry: 5 TVS in combination with geography: 20

Entrance examinations: Written:

  • Written examination for the second study as mandated by the relevant faculties

Talent link „here“: www.ftvs.cuni.cz/…ovky0708.pdf

  • Athletics, gymnastics, playing sports, swimming

The field of Physical Education and Sport told us more of Claire, who was questioning a student at the time of the second year:

** How much time takes the sport and learning in school? ** Studies on Physical Education and Sport is very time consuming, but from the second year the courses you choose for yourself and customize your time. In my first year it occupied almost every day until the evening, this year I have school every day, too. Sports are usually from 18 hours and even longer.

** As you study assessed the performance? ** Tests of academic subjects are Physical Education and Sport of the most difficult: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology, on the need to prepare a really long time. For me the most was the biochemistry. Requirements for credits of the sports are really high – you usually are not enough hours in preparation. But of course this is an individual. Someone is not gymnastics, swimming to another, etc. There is a need to train in their free time and sometimes several times a week. It bothers me that a lot of people think that the Physical Education and Sport is one of the easier schools. As for my experience, definitely do not agree. It seems to me that we have difficulty in the fact that in every sport must be excellent. The sports are very strict, even when you try and fail to meet the limit, nothing will be forgiven. The theory is also more challenging anatomy, using the same textbooks as a medicine. Bones, muscles and ligaments, all you need to know in Latin. But also depends on the teacher, we'll just have a difficult enough.

** Why did you study at the Physical Education and Sport (not) recommended to others? ** I would definitely recommended this school, I was very happy there. I enjoy, even if you sometimes say you can not do sports. When it natrénuju but then I am very happy. It forces you to constantly improve and move forward all the time. When I came in 1st year, in my field of study opened five new directions and everyone chooses what he likes. In activities promoting health lifestyle study, compiling menus, how to eat properly and everything related to the body. Protecting the population includes, for example evacuation plans or emergency services. The outdoor activities comprise companies are learning teambuilding – rock climbing, biking, skiing … We can do all instructor licenses for a few bucks (normally they pay several thousand, it certainly is a great benefit). The Physical Education and Sport is also good that you can try all kinds of sports, choose what you enjoy. I now have shooting, paragliding, scuba diving, squash, handball, too … more massages, and again you can make a license.

** Is there anything that surprised you in the studio? ** We attend many courses and it is quite expensive, we also have to invest in quality sports equipment: shoes, climbing shoes, swimwear, goggles for swimming …

** What is in your field of study of the ratio of theory and sport? ** In the winter semester bit prevailing theory, but it's more like half and half. The sport must not only meet the practical credits, but also write tests on the rules – you must also follow the sport as a referee.

** Do you have an idea of ​​its future use? What do you want to or could do after school? ** I have such a wide field of applications in various outdoor companies (invent teambuilding programs today is a lot of demand), in wellness centers, diet, trainer, I can just do massage … in anything that relates to sports, healthy lifestyle.

Note: The article deals with only a bachelor's fields Source: Faculty Page ": http://www.ftvs.cuni.cz

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