The Special Branch: Branches at Charles University - II.díl Added:4.4. 2008
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The Special Branch: Branches at Charles University - II.díl

In the second part article on the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports University to learn more about the Bachelor of other fields that you can study. Among other things, thanks to an interview with the student can clarify what is the difference between subjects Physical Education and Sport Management and Physical Education and Sport. We will also pursue a program of study in health care. Note: Article was updated 13.12.2009. (-Pel-)

** Study Program Physical Education and Sport ** ** Military Physical Education ** Graduates will receive a higher education qualification for all military space systematized physical education and sports ministry in the national defense of the Czech Republic. Study includes biomedical and social science subjects, didactics of physical education, didactic theory, and selected sports practice.

Minimum number received: Daily attendance: 5 Combined study: 10

** Physical Education and Sport of persons with special needs ** Graduates will be able to work anywhere in a wide range of sports clubs, but especially in facilities specializing in work with persons with special needs. The study is accessible to persons with special needs. Entrance exams, course of study and graduate profile to be individually adapted to the nature of his specific needs.

Minimum number received: Daily attendance: 20 Combined study: 20

** Management Physical Education and Sport ** Graduates are qualified to gain organizational activities and work in the economic sections of non-profit organizations in sport. The study includes general university knowledge base, expertise and special knowledge and skills in the field of sports and general and professional knowledge of economics. Minimum number received: 60

Branch Management Physical Education and Sport, we approached Vasek, second-year student.

** How is the study of time-consuming (how much time takes the sport and learning at school)? ** Since we last year of classical studies with a fixed schedule and supervised attendance, the school occupies a relatively me enough time. Certainly more than they had. Learning and exercising power is not so twice a week, so it's not too much.

** How much time you take preparing for school and sports in their free time? ** Preparing for school almost nothing during the semester and it is nothing in the exam about a week to fourteen days. Sports takes up most of my free time because I enjoy, prepare for sports in school do not need.

** How would you judge performance studies as such? ** The tests are simple, even simpler credits. Tests depends on the teacher. Some are quite annoying, but it is a minority. So two to three items per year.

** Why did you study at the Physical Education and Sport (not) recommended to others? ** I would recommend it to people who are interested in at least a little sport. I am a school field with very happy. And if someone is the type of study, so this may give it even one school, we can handle it just fine.

** It is something that surprised you in the studio? ** Surprised me that it's easier for me than the median. And a bit of the old rigid structures and behavior. There are tough entrance exams in a foreign language. Probably the hardest I've graduated.

** What in your field of study of the ratio of theory and sport? ** 70% theory, 30% sport. Maybe a little less sports.

** Do you have an idea about my future application? What do you want or could do after school? ** We occasionally offer posted on the department and is a work in sports marketing agencies and major sports companies like Adidas. Also, you come to us to choose an employee Olympic Committee.

** Study Program Specialization in Health Care ** ** ** Physiotherapy Graduates are experts in the field of physiotherapy and may be members of the medical team to work in the coordination and implementation of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive procedures and methods in the rehabilitation process and care for the sick. Subsequent application is possible in state and private health care facilities such as rehabilitation clinics, and other specialized clinics, rehabilitation centers and rehabilitation departments in hospitals of all types, spa facilities, the workplace for the treatment of pain, social facilities for children and seniors, but also in other specialized workplaces. After obtaining a specialized physical therapist competence may no longer perform as a Bachelor of their profession without professional supervision.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is performed at two locations – in Prague and Kladno. Admitted applicants will Fixtures (P – 50, K – 30)

Minimum number received: 80

Orthotics-prosthetics ** ** Graduate should be able to create technical solutions for the disabled, including the application of tools for everyday use as well as sports. They must understand the different types of disability, types of equipment must be theoretically prepared tools to design, apply, fabricate and modify. It will also be ready to give affected all necessary information for the active use of tools.

Graduates can look for opportunities mainly in specialist departments dealing with manufacturing and applications ortotických and prosthetic devices can work as specialists in health insurance and the sections dealing with government health aids.

Minimum number received: 20

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