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Graduates who earn the most? Added:24.3. 2008
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Graduates who earn the most?

You decide to choose schools not only by interest in the issue, school reputation and chances of acceptance, but also the chance to use a pay scale? It is the amount of starting salary for graduates of different disciplines devoted to this article.

Student standing in front of college choice reflects a number of criteria. Besides the interest in the issue, school reputation and chances of getting this includes use in the workforce after graduation and the salary that the university is very different.

Many people live in basic mistakes that a diploma from high school they automatically guarantee a high starting salary. In a way it really is true. If we compare the same field, it actually pays college students are in the same professions in most cases higher than in high school. Once we start to compare among different disciplines, then it is not far, across sectors is much difference such as high school and computer scientist who find jobs in their field will take much more than a student who graduated from high school with a humanities focus, and as such he elementary school teacher.

Sure, money is not everything, and in selecting colleges, we should manage the personal qualifications for the study. There is nothing worse than studying for high school field that the student not address in any way. On the other hand, is not ideal to study at what the students while having fun, but it works quite well in another field in much worse conditions than his salary with colleagues vystudovaným more relevant discipline, or even feed manually, it would work in the field that he studied, bankrupt or himself let alone his family and his. Let's take a closer, in which the fields are now the highest starting salaries.

The highest starting salaries now get computer scientists and computer scientists but also workers in the financial sector and the lawyers certainly do not wrong. Programmer Specialist in computer science at the start of work comes to an average of more nice than 35,000 crowns gross and significantly higher than their fellow students with degrees in other fields (see table). You ask, why take that kind of money just programmers and what factors affect the amount of starting salary? It depends of course on many factors, but most important is the situation on the labor market, which at that time in the field there. Applies to find basic economic rule that value (in this case wages) affects mainly the amount of supply and demand. Well this situation demonstrates just graduated in computer technology, where labor demand significantly exceeds supply. The Czech Republic now comes a series of U.S. and Japanese investors, who currently operate in the field of information technology, and looking for a qualified workforce. These companies, due to its strong economic power and the owners can afford to overpay competitive EMPLOYEES, which pulls up wages in the industry.

** Starting salaries for university graduates in various fields: ** Programmer Specialist: 35 377 CZK Network Administrator: 30 329 CZK Lawyer, Legal Adviser: 27 496 CZK Sales Representative: 26 516 CZK Insurance agent: 26 309 CZK Mechanical Engineer – Designer, Designer: 25 617 CZK Architect: 24 751 CZK Bank broker, advisor: 24 456 CZK

Source: Trexima

In addition to the field of study for undergraduates beginning a good account of the success and potential companies in their chosen field of work. In successful companies is usually good value and less attractive field of study. „University-educated people get wood, and the leading and well-paying jobs in manufacturing and marketing,“ says Vladimír Smolka, director of statistics of Trexima, a company that is, wage issues.

The amount of the starting salary but also affected by other factors. Solid starting salaries to reach more students, who can sell their knowledge during the interview. Also important are personal qualities, such as communication, leadership team and so on. About Graduate starting salaries also decides previous work experience. A student who boasts work experience gained during the study may say more money than a student who had the benefit was brilliant, but practice is totally unaffected.

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