The Special Branch: Andragogy Added:8.1. 2014
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The Special Branch: Andragogy

Andragogy is becoming increasingly popular science and also finds its place in higher education. It is a discipline that deals with adult education and all that goes with it. (Article was updated on the 24th 11th, 2009)

Andragogy aims among others to prepare adult students for a social life and contribute to their personal development. This training takes place mostly at work through vocational retraining courses, etc.

** A bit of history or where it actually took the Adult Education ** The word „adult education“ is a compound Greek word, which in translation means „man“ and „management“ (the word „man“ only indicates the historical custom of the time when women did not have access to education). As the first in modern history, used the word German teacher, Alexander Kapp, in the 19th century, but „rediscovered“ it up again a century later, Eugene Rosenstock. He figured out that adult education is based on completely different methods than teaching children.

** Contents ** study Most of the objects with which to study adult education can meet, moving mainly within Education and human resources, psychology, sociology, philosophy, but also economics, law, etc.

** Profile of a graduate ** Graduates will apply particularly in the field of human resources, is ready to work in state and local government (eg ministries, educational institutions and offices to work), education of employees of different businesses and organizations, non-governmental organizations, cultural and educational establishments, the mass media, advertising agencies, etc.

** Where can I study Adult Education **:

  • ** Charles University, Prague **

Arts ** Programme: Pedagogy ** ** Category: ** Adult Education and Human Resources Management (Bachelor – P, K) Number of applicants / number of received AK. Year 2007/2008: 891/82

** Entrance Exams ** exams consist of both knowledge test (where the applicant's know­ledge will be tested in the field of adult education and human resources management, sociology, psychology or philosophy), the test of a cultural-historical overview and general study of the test assumptions.

** Web: ** „andragogika.ff­“:

. <> * *** can also study the thirties and adult education specialists to know how (Photo: Stock . XCHNG) *

  • ** Palacky University in Olomouc **

Arts ** Program: Sociology ** ** Field ** Andragogy (Bc – P, only two-field studies – can be combined with a degree in Sociology) Number of applicants / number of received AK. Year 2007/2008: 337/30

** Entrance Exams ** Applicants are accepted based on results of national comparative test – a test of general study assumptions.

** Web: ** „“:

** Programme: Pedagogy ** Field ** ** ** Andragogy in the profiling of Personnel Management ** (Bc – K) Number of applicants / number of received AK. Year 2007/2008: 357/35

Entrance Exams ** ** Written portion of the entrance examination includes knowledge test, which verifies the knowledge in sociology and psychology, less culture, politics, economics and philosophy, and the degree of applicant's o­rientation in human resource management and organizational behavior. The aim of the oral interview will determine how the candidate understand the written literature, which has the ability to express themselves and what motivation to learn. The oral interview will also assess the existing practical experience of candidates in the field of human resources.

** Web: ** „“:…info_apm.pdf

Education Faculty ** Program: Special Education ** Field ** ** ** ** special education Adult Education (Bachelor – P, K) Number of applicants / number of received AK. Year 2007/2008: P: 140/24, C: 151/23

Entrance Exams ** ** The entrance examination consists only of a test study assumptions.

** Web: ** „“:…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid%% 5D = 257 & cHash = 212fdf682a

Author: Černá, Lucie

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