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Interview with the student radiological physics Added:7.4. 2008
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Interview with the student radiological physics

John Vilímovský (25 years) studying sixth year master's degree in Radiological Physics at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU. In our interview, John briefly approached what it is. We talked also about how others perceive the students view of nuclear physics and what it gives undergraduate studies.

** What does the field of Radiological Physics? ** In short, involves checking the proper operation of devices that are on radiotherapy at diagnosis (CT, X-rays) and nuclear medicine (it seems that the radiopharmaceutical administered to the body, then you put on the table and then sense the through which the radiopharmaceutical from Man September).

** How is the field challenging? ** The first two years of study we focused only mathematics and physics. It was very intense, a school from morning till night. After we switched to the specific focus is a bit loose. Greatly changed the nature of teaching – the first two years were about to understand things, to understand, calculate, derive. Now it was little turnover. De facto, we must also understand, but at the same time nadrtit long list. And I think a lot of people maybe a little discouraged.

** What is the approximate ratio of people to study boards, and those who successfully dostudují? ** The freshman picked up around 600 people, a sophomore entered the focus of about 100 people. The focus of my left us about 8 (which is proportional).

** What are the possibilities for follow-up? ** The application of radiological physics are about three options, maybe three and a half. The first is to work in the hospital. Most hospitals are public, unfortunately, and this match and salaries (the table). Or, if one has luck, may go to a private hospital. Those are but a few – I heard something like this exists, but I do not know of anyone who went there. There may also have a higher salary and doing what they studied. There is still a chance (but, as I learned quite poor) to go to companies that deliver this technique. Yesterday I was at iKariéra, a job fair. I asked how it looks at Siemens, since it was the only company at the fair, where I had a chance to do something about the field. I learned that most workers of this type in Germany is that here it is a few people, and these positions are already occupied. So, with regard to these companies is very slim chance. Three and a half to do is go somewhere else, something completely outside the field.

** When studying stíháš while working at the hospital. What is the charge? ** I work part-time Bulovka. My colleagues who study prolonging, there have got and do what I described. Currently writing measurement protocol in PHP.

** Computer Science consists of fundamentally part of the study? ** The computer is still needed everywhere. In freshman year, we took some of the programming, then some of the networks. This is where it applies and I think that nobody does not think so, it would be something above standard. Just that one needs to use it every day, so it is natural.

** What would be your dream application after completion of the field? ** For me it was pretty big disappointment from a change in teaching style, which occurred during the transition to a specialty, and today I woke up from it completely. So … I can imagine that I perhaps did something else entirely outside the field. Because the field is the application of either hospital, private hospital, or manufacturer, and nothing else.

** What was your field of vision when you go to study? ** There was an idea that it is a service beneficial to humans. Which is, but it is also associated úředničinou grueling. Will I need to push – to graduate, I would like to move in with his girlfriend. I'm not sure if it could handle the salary which would be there. More Sun

** They study this field and girls? ** Of course, such as our focus is half and half. I remember a freshman and a sophomore there with us was about a quarter. Perhaps at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, where girls are a unique phenomenon.

** Who would you recommend to go to study radiological physics? ** This is a tricky question. When people vystudují high school, have very different ideas about what life than they have in five years. When they go to study, many of them have any ideal what in life and done some dreaming about Nobelovce and similar matters, and then the ideal time to be fit. With the shift of age wants to be a man to travel, learn something, and then settle down. It's something that comes with age. If I had a straight answer on this, so that the work is certainly needed to think, but unfortunately it is work that is thought to some extent, killing bureaucracy. It's like a mission, like teaching – something that will prepare you for the nerves. But even teachers need to become a man to fill it when they see that children learn something. Here's the fulfillment you feel that sick people really helping. So – it may be a mission – if potlačíš the depression from the fact that you have a lousy salary. But it's something I know people after graduation.

** How Your now former classmates from high school look at it, you radiological physicist? ** When an average nejaderňák meets jaderňáka, asks him: „You're doing it in Temelin, right? And You must be awfully clever. "Those are rumors. Both. Temelin (read "nuclear reactors“) makes a certain percentage of people Jaderce. There are huge „box“, but also there are average people. We also experienced such cases in which one would say that they can study at the university, and probably even more professional. A hold is – albeit to be studied for nine years.

** What do you see the contribution of higher studies? ** When a man has, and is fed from high school, it's good to have, the more studying, the better the view. If it is not what the school has to give. It can also happen that he had nothing to give, it's just the fulfillment of obligations, and he's had enough (which some students in the last year of becoming). But it definitely expands your horizons. It happened to me that I had to face difficult situations, a greater volume of information that I had to process and think more than they were in high school. And it certainly extends personality. It's definitely a plus. Work comes and then – retired left forty years, so it works anywhere. When a man has nerves and taste, is definitely beneficial to learning.

** What did the school gives to ordinary life? ** What gave me was much of the first two years. It taught me that there is a problem, I'm in a wine press, and I have to grapple with it somehow. I think you probably never nezažiju test which takes 12 hours. We started at 8: OO, I left at 20:00. From experience, I think it brings life:-D. And I learned how to think about things a little differently.

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