Police Academy is divided into two new faculty Added:7.4. 2008
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Police Academy is divided into two new faculty

Interior Minister Ivan Langer early April, officially broke the Police Academy in Prague (PA) in two faculties. Applicants for study at this school and will now be able to choose between the faculties of law and security Safety Faculty of Management. Each of them will run their own programs of study.

"The transition to university faculty structure is historic and unique moment that could not happen without the hard work of the entire team of people headed by Mr. Rector. These people can handle this task, prepare and implement. I believe that this historic moment will be a challenge for all of us, "said the minister at a ceremony held to be held on 3 April at the PA building.

Police Academy, together with the University of Defence in Brno, the only state university-type in the Czech Republic. So far, not divided into faculties, but only to the department and the department in which there are two undergraduate, two masters and one doctoral program. Are studied here as police officers in the service of the employees of the Ministry of Interior and other ministries. Of course, open to civilian candidates with a focus on safety legal issues.

Reorganization of the Public Schools is one of the reform of the police. Recently, emphasis has to be rather gradual and lifelong education of police officers according to their needs at the expense of long-term initial study. Establishment of the Faculty also aims to define more precisely the profile of graduates.

Source: Reuters, Ministry of Interior press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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