COMPARISON OF COURSES: Religions Added:17.4. 2008
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Whether you are a believer or not, you might be interested in how people in different regions of the world look at the issue of faith, what is different and different religions agree on how to interpret … If you need to know all of this ad vivendum, religion is just your choice of a certain . Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-K-)

** What investigates religion? ** It is a science that studies the various world religions. As Wikipedia says, religion does not decide the truth, but to describe and classify different religious facts and the whole religious systems. Explores the self, its limitations and methodological options.

Studying Religions are the philosophical faculty of Charles University, Masaryk University and University of Pardubice, then the Husistské Theological Faculty of Charles University:

** Charles University, Prague **

** ** Course characteristics According to the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies graduate should acquire a thorough knowledge of the religious field and to have basic knowledge about other major religions. Religions in the Faculty of Arts focuses on ancient Greece, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Ancient Near East and the old Germanic religion. However, preclude specialization to other areas. Emphasis is also placed on working with text, its interpretation and evaluation. For more „here“:

** Admission ** It consists of two parts – writing talent, in which tests the ability interpertace academic text in a foreign language, and oral. The oral exam candidate accesses to where to meet the requirements of writing (25 out of 50 points). There is also need to read a list of literature on the basis of which can be tested given the questions (Reading Comprehension, etc.) List of recommended reading „here“:…macky/knihy/ (is not binding, definitely do not panic if you have not read it all!)

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: 96 Number received: 16 (Applies to full-time undergraduate study. The data comes from admission for the year 2007/2008.)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“: "Site of the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies':

** FF MU, Brno **

** ** Course characteristics Brno is studying religion, either alone or in combination with other fields. How to inform the pages of the Institute of Religious Studies, the study provides a comprehensive overview of the major religious traditions of the past and present, a basic insight into the theory, methodology and history of the field, introduction to the selected language of source. Attention is focused on developing the ability to apply religious studies in social practice. More information is available „here“:…/studium.php.

** Admission ** The majority of faculty at MU, it is customary that the applicants consist of TSP – a test study assumptions. It is the same as the study of religions, even to be made no qualification test. More about the TSP „here“:…achelor_test.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of applicants: 319 Number received: 149; border adoption (percentile): 70.56 (Applies to full-time undergraduate study. The data comes from admission for the year 2007/2008.)

** The opinion of students ** Mary K., 2 Year: I think that teachers are totally professional in their field. What you need, but a bit lacking, the mutual interaction – a dialogue, expression, sometimes we are led to a listening and writing and speaking Conspectus often missing! As for materials, and teachers are very helpful and many of them provide an IS. Often we are too dependent on self-study. At the study visit can go, but for our neighbors or to vzáleného Turkey and also Kyrgistánu or somewhere in there somewhere. And performance? It depends on the teacher. In some subjects a person is really the self-reliant. Because hate reading, so I at a disadvantage. I also think that you have a great overview. As you study religion, nations around the world. And who does not read and has a smaller list. But it is not time-consuming – at least not for me. Too much homework they write – more presentations in classes or write a lot of abstract and comments to the article, which is specified. Sometimes it's quite a crisis, as is often the philosophical texts, which is not much to understand, or in English. It should be of critical thinking, and completely break away from some of your opinion! And I think that is sometimes a stumbling block.

Srank faculty ** ** „“: "Site of the Institute of Religious Studies':

** FF ** University of Pardubice

** ** Course characteristics Pardubice is possible to study in undergraduate and then master cycle. University Web site says that the study is primarily focused in practice. Equips students with knowledge of the contemporary Czech scene, religious and regional peculiarities, while the European context as well as religious thought and life. It places emphasis on intercultural and interfaith issues and the benefits and risks of current religiosity, including various forms of religious sectarianism and religious fundamentalism.

** Admission ** It is the test that detects the humanities knowledge of history, literature, geography, etc., as well as logical thinking ability, knowledge of the terminology of the humanities and the awareness of religious studies at the secondary substance. Also to be cast list read literature comprising at least five titles and related disciplines (or related disciplines).

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: 88 Number received: 40 (Applies to full-time undergraduate study. The data comes from admission for the year 2007/2008.)

** ** Student opinions Andy V, 1 Volume: People who have taught us that really know enough. That sometimes apologies do not come without a lecture, of course, sometimes happen, but not often. Regarding materials: everything I've needed to have the library in Hradec bother me when I'm going there once a month for books. In the university library or you are not registered, so I do not know anything about it. Study visits are available to me, are agreements with eight universities around the world, with any two people can go, and given how much we are (about 25), so I would say that better not be around. It is quite challenging, especially in time – if I had read only half of recommended books and read every day all semester and just do not make it. Homework depends mainly on the teachers. Last semester I wrote about 15 of them, this maybe there would be only 5 Otherwise, not many courses, the last and this semester I've got 9th

"Site of the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy:

HTF ** Charles University, Prague **

** ** Course characteristics The Hussite Theological Faculty, students can study religious studies in the bachelor's and master's building program, but only in combination with the Hussite theology. Students gain experience with at least one religious direction, controls the historical-critical methods to the level required to study the relevant section of the history of religion. Emphasis is placed on religion and ancient Near Eastern studies major monotheistic systems: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In addition, students learn to read religious texts in at least one of the source language (Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic and Coptic).

** Admission ** It consists of two parts. The written test consists of knowledge (cultural, literary, historical and religious questions), an oral interview is focused on issues of discipline and motivation to learn. The first part of the entrance is not reject.

** ** The chances of adoption The Bachelor of Science degree this year, plans to take 35 candidates (but not final number).

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

Resources: Web sites of individual faculties.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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