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Czech students lacking respect for teachers, says Josh Added:15.4. 2008
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Czech students lacking respect for teachers, says Josh

Pack my suitcase, go somewhere far away, and it remains to be seen … To some this may sound like a crazy idea, for others it is again just an eternal dream. But there are also those who „do it“ really goes. These include Josh Kaston, that the events in New Orleans in 2005 led to the Prague University.

"After what the New Orleans hit by Hurricane Katrina, it was pretty hard to find a job there. So I decided to leave. The year before my sister and toured Europe and it took me most of all Prague, so the choice finally fell on her, "Josh recalls the very beginnings of his decision.

Originally he came to work, but soon he realized that the time spent in the Czech Republic could use a little hodnotněji – studio. Having already graduated from film history at the University of Miami, this time looking for the little exaktnějšími fields. Eventually he enrolled at the University, specifically on international trade with a focus on Central Europe (International Business – Central European Business Realities). This is one of the four offered masters programs taught in English, which – unlike the one-semester exchange study visits – lasting classic two years.

Along with Josh in the year twenty students from around the world. One of them is even from the Czech Republic, which only proves that these programs are available only to foreigners. Although the study is free, but as Josh points out, tuition is still there for him several times lower than in America.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2225/Josh­.jpg]

** Strangers in tandem ** Each foreign student is then available to your „buddy“, a sort of a guide from among their Czech counterparts, which should help him get oriented in the new school and (for many) in the new country. This is according to Josh about the only closer contact with those foreign students are Czech, with some exceptions because the lectures do not meet with any. Then maybe just on the track. He himself, however, the lack of friends complained, because for those two years that I lived in the Czech Republic (arrived in February 2006), and, thanks to his teaching profession has not only met many Czechs, but also Americans living in Prague, which is a rather large group.

In addition to this „extra service“ organized by University for foreign students a variety of sightseeing trips and other common actions.

** Czech „punctuality“ ** And as Josh sees the differences between Czech and American university? „What time spent preparing the home are concerned, it's probably about the same, but overall I would say that my studies at the University a little easier than at a school in Miami. What surprised me, however, is that you go not only teachers, but also a lot of students to lectures late – sometimes it's five, sometimes even ten minutes … This is the U.S. really does not happen often, "compares Josh. "So it seems to me that there are generally fewer students respect their teachers than with us. It shows, for example, by the lecture completely normally enjoy, like a teacher in the classroom was not at all. This is something that is virtually unthinkable for me … “

Finally, we could not ask Josh: What do you think about the Czechs? „I'd probably be divided into two groups. The younger ones, who have never known what it was like to live under the previous regime, and take life easy, they are very friendly and open to new possibilities. Conversely, the older ones are a bit more closed, even to strangers, and those then maybe that's why it seems that Czechs are cold. But I do not think this will take a long time … "said Josh, who is much interested in Czech history. A Czech? "With that it's not very good … I still can not cope with it. But I try to even go to private lessons. “

As Josh says, now considered Prague his home. It was therefore very happy if he school which the student has given adequate training to fulfill their plans (which are going in the direction of the business) so he could stay here.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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