Seminar on Management Admission romanistické courses Faculty of Arts Added:10.4. 2008
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Seminar on Management Admission romanistické courses Faculty of Arts

Do you have any relation to the French, Spanish or Italian? If this relationship so much that you have filed for a philology (s) of these languages ​​at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University, then please the eye.

Department of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures is on Saturday 19 4th 10 hours in a seminar organized by the admissions procedure. You can try a mock test, which corresponds to the intensity přijímačkách. Moreover, under the guidance of a psychologist taught to relieve stress. Tests will be corrected together, so find out what is happening to you. Also, you can expect professional instruction on how to get rid of stress. "

All this for 600 crowns for students with one language, 800, 900 for two or three candidates romanistické fields. Is ordered to pay by bank transfer (account number 85636621/0100, variable symbol is 2177000108), Slovak candidates on the spot. Report to advance, go with proof of payment.

Faculty Building is located in Brno, Gorky's seventh

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