COMPARISON OF COURSES: Physiotherapy Added:19.4. 2008
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Physiotherapy can be found under the study program specialization in health care, or. the study of the rehabilitation program. Anyone interested in this field have no choice of schools is too varied. Indeed you can choose from only three Czech universities. Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-K-)

The article was updated on the 30th 11th 2009 (KAV).

Palacky University in Olomouc

** Where ** Faculty of Physical Culture of Peace Class 115, Olomouc. ** Course characteristics: ** Bachelor's and master's program prepares future physical therapists to work in the departments of rehabilitation, the rehabilitation wards, rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation homes, workplaces for the treatment of pain in spas, hospitals and other medical facilities. The course focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the locomotor function of the complex and treatment of pain. Emphasis is placed on learning through practical exercises, and in the form of practical training and internships in professional offices such as the patient departments of medical institutions. ** Graduates ** Graduates are expert in the field of physiotherapy, which works with physicians and performs diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive procedures and practices in rehabilitation and care of patients with painful conditions of the locomotor system. Graduates will be able to use the methods of physical therapy, occupational therapy and kinesiotherapy. ** Entrance Exams ** Entrance examinations for three-year bachelor's program of rehabilitation physiotherapy include written tests in biology, chemistry, physics and foreign language. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate basic motor skills (swimming) and undergo motivational interviewing, where the emphasis is on the applicants' interest in the field. Basic statistics ** ** valid for the academic year 2007/2008

  • Number of applicants: 327
  • It accepted: 25
  • The first year will be taken approximately 28 students.

** Information on: ** „ / faculty / FTK“:…apie/studium

Masaryk University in Brno

** Where ** Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Baker 53, 656 91 Brno ** Course characteristics: ** Three-year full-time undergraduate program prepares students for work in the physiotherapy rehabilitation facilities. Teaching is divided between the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and their subsequent verification in practice. ** Graduates ** Graduates are mainly applied in rehabilitation facilities. A graduate of the bachelor program may continue their studies at master's level. Entrance Exams ** ** Written entrance examination consists of tests in chemistry and biology. Basic statistics ** ** information valid for the academic year 2007/2008

  • Number of applicants: 726
  • Number of applicants admitted: 106
  • Entered: 50
  • Plan for the 2008/2009 academic year: 50

** Information on: ** „“:…

[* Masaz.jpg. (Field preparation of future physical therapists to work on the rehabilitation wards, rehabilitation homes, workplaces for the treatment of pain in spas, hospitals and other healthcare facilities photo: stock.xchng) <] *** Field preparing for the future physical therapists to work on the rehabilitation wards, rehabilitation homes, workplaces for the treatment of pain in spas, hospitals and other healthcare facilities (photo: stock.xchng)

Charles University in Prague

** Where ** Department of Physiotherapy Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, José Martí 31, 162 52 Prague 6-Veleslavín ** Course characteristics: ** Three-year undergraduate and subsequent two-year master's degree in physical therapy prepares students for the needs of health care in the rehabilitation of ill and disabled. The main items here are physical therapy, physiotherapy practice in clinical areas, differential diagnosis and therapy of motor disorders, kinesiology, neurophysiology, Prosthetics and basic investigative methods and procedures. ** Graduates ** Graduates of the medical staff with „other higher education“. Based on the indications of your doctor performs a detailed analysis of kinesiology and applied to physiotherapy practice and performance. Can perform educational activities at all levels of education in the field. Has a potential for independent scientific research activities and organizational-methodological work. ** Entrance Exams ** Entrance exam for master's degree physical therapy include a written test in physics, biology, indicative of knowledge in the field and written test in a foreign world language. ** Information on: ** „www.ftvs.cuni­.cz“:…dry/fyzioter

Physiotherapy may be used within the UK to study at medical faculties ( „:"; ": http://www.­dium/akred.htm and "“:…ni-programy/).

== CTU

** Where ** Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Prague ** Course characteristics: ** Three-year bachelor's degree. Compared to the established teaching subjects in other faculties is the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering added to the teaching of technical subjects, focusing first on understanding the role of modern medical technology and the development of new medical devices. ** Objective: ** The study is to prepare a comprehensive knowledgeable experts, with a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of physiotherapy, including knowledge of the latest medical technology and the ability to use them in diagnosis and therapy. ** Information on: ** „www.fbmi.cvut­.cz“:

Physiotherapy can also be studied here:

„University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: "University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“: „University of Ostrava“:

Sources: websites of individual faculties

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