The Special Branch: Tourism Added:24.4. 2008
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The Special Branch: Tourism

Do you enjoy travel and are considering whether it could be to utilize in your future career? Or do you hesitate about what a humanities field would you entertain? Read on to find out for you whether tourism can be the right one. Note: the article was updated on March 12, 2009 (-pel-)

Contents === === study Field provides the knowledge needed to manage the business of tourism and regional level. Graduates should be able to analyze from the perspective of the natural, cultural, historical and economic preconditions for tourism development. It would get me the organizational skills necessary expertise in computer science and language skills.

Subjects === === Among the objects with which they generally meet on the field, as tourism in the Czech Republic, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Marketing, Business Economics, International Trade, Foreign Language. Furthermore, no different – Management of Tourism in Hradec Kralove in addition to giving the economy a relatively large space scenes by and communication skills, Tourism and Regional Development Economics focus more on economics and finance.

Application === === Graduates may find employment in tourism enterprises (eg, regional agencies, administrations of national parks, recreation areas, recreation centers) in the institutions of government and business.

Student Perceptions === === We asked Katerina Martinková, which studies the second year field of tourism management at the University of:

** Study fills your expectations? ** Partially fulfilled my expectations. I chose to travel and then I found out that half of the subjects I have the same people as the University, which I find quite unnecessary. It could be replaced by much better and well zkombinovanými articles.

** How is the study of time-consuming? ** Due to the optional lectures and required 70% or 75% participation on the hour (and when one adds to skillfully drawn schedule), the school can still squeeze into three days. But it depends on whether the man takes the optional objects and how much is involved in the industry. I spend my time at school as interesting subjects. Homework consists of the semester or presentations. We have about 10 items and each one presentation, the preparation takes 5–6 hours (depending on whether it is for the subject in Czech or German – there is the need to sometimes 10 hours).

** Shocked you on the field something? ** On the field I surprised a number of economic subjects, and the removal of language from the mandatory plans. To me that at least one language should be compulsory – that's the status of the college assumed a (if not the) secondary schools.

. <> * *** Travel is a pleasant change of life for many of us. Some of its well studied (Photo: Stock . XCHNG) *

** To whom you study with you (not) recommend? ** I would not recommend it to people with higher ambitions. It's a good school, but they are certainly better. I'm here, but happy. I would add that you can quite easily get to study abroad under Erasmus.

** Where can I study to study ** Tourism Management, „Faculty of Informatics and Management“: in Hradec Kralove Tourism and Regional Development „, Faculty of International Relations“:, UEP Tourism, Business and Economics Faculty „:, Mendel University of farm and Forestry in Brno Tourism / Department of Tourism:…cr/index.php, University of Polytechnics Regional Development and Tourism, "Economics and Management Science“:, Masaryk University Tourism economy, „Business Administration in Karviná“: ects.slu.cs /, Silesian University in Opava Foreign Languages ​​for Tourism, „Faculty“:, University of Hradec Kralove Tourism – „school site“:…, College of Business Studies in Prague Tourism Destination Management – „school site“:…udium-nav33/ # 2, College of Hospitality Management in Prague Tourism Management – „school site“:…, College of Tourism, Hotel and Spa Tourism Management – „school site“:, College of Business and Hotel Management Hospitality and Tourism, Tourism – „school site“:, Higher School of Tourism Carlsbad Tourism – „school site“:…ni-ruch-c89/, College AHOL

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