"Zemědělka" definitely not a school, you should despise Added:22.4. 2008
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"Zemědělka" definitely not a school, you should despise

Although last year was the Faculty of Forestry and Environment (FLE) to the Czech Agricultural University (CAU) was divided into two, none of its content are for the current students certainly did not vanish. With Ing. Martin Cerny (25), which is still on the original faculty graduated in Landscape Engineering, we talked about how to study and remember how it helped to find employment.

** How you presented a study at CUA, when you boarded? You knew exactly what to expect? **

The CUA particular caught my attention the possibility of combining humanities and technical field of study, which did not offer other colleges. All the necessary information for applicants, including all items was waiting for me, I have found to their total well-arranged website.

** Try to enjoy yourself in the role of workers in the PR department CUA. What you definitely stressed? **

School is still called „zemědělka“ and is often regarded as something inferior, many people she despises. It's probably a bad habit from the past as a fresh graduate and I totally deny these allegations. The school is still developing and providing its students with a pleasant and modern environment. The indisputable advantage over other schools is the focus of all faculty, dormitory, canteen, sports and entertainment in one place.

** What would be the student's critical view of the contrary? **

The school is gaining more and more new entrants, and thus there is a problem with capacity, mainly canteen. Among the negative memories I include the operation of Student Services, which was neither too friendly and knowledgeable, and also had on a number of students for a total of short working hours. Study Visits department and especially at the beginning of semesters and dragged for several hours.

** Of all the options approach, which offered the faculty, you finally selected a specialization in water management. You knew from the start that this is exactly the direction in which you want to take in the future, or you decided for him to study in? **

It's an interesting question. I must say that I'm taking the faculty of the preferred direction rather urbanism, green design for the community, or landscape architecture. The opportunity to process a thesis for the company she urged me to the direction of the economy. Given that dealing with this issue, two years after graduation in their current job, definitely do not regret this step.

** What this study has included, for example, what you have items? **

Study of Landscape Engineering begins with general subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry, foreign language, etc. Since 3 year are included in the program has a specialized type of objects Dendrology and Botany, which was needed to pass the accreditation of learning about different plants and trees in Latin. Select other items we continued to focus on ecology, water, forestry, urban planning, etc. Since the end of my study of the system has changed a little, but the basics remain the same.

** It was for you to studies time-consuming? **

The study not only this but also other CUA faculty, not the most simple. The most time consuming were probably the first two years. After their successful completion of this already but I'm better able to adapt the schedule and it can go some way to work.

** To what extent you mentioned study prepared for your current job? And what ever you have options when choosing your profession, if we assume that you wanted to stay in business? **

In addition to your study at this school provide a good overview of some issues, you also learn independence, which is a very good foundation for success in employment. Detailed knowledge in the field, the student may be enhanced by writing a Bachelor or Master's thesis, therefore, recommend the selection of topics very well considered. For example, I pay to write a thesis for the company, because I'm actually working to ensure the study.

In addition to companies dealing with water management, waste management, reclamation, urban planners and others can be applied for example in national organizations such as ministries, municipalities, villages, etc. Many of my colleagues have also found work in national parks, protected landscape, nature conservation agencies and land etc.

** When we already have touched the imagination … How do you think should look like a model student of forestry extension, environmental faculty? **

Such a student would first have a positive relationship with the landscape and nature. Study, but requires the „humanities types“ who are able to learn languages ​​(including Latin names) and „technical types“ who manage to pass exams in physics, chemistry and mathematics. With some effort, but also can be any deficiencies in any of these directions, and some certainly make up for the knowledge gap should be not such a big obstacle in the study. As far as time allows, it all depends on the build schedule, but it is important to keep in mind that the CUA instruction is usually required.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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