License renewal Brno International Business School Added:21.4. 2008
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License renewal Brno International Business School

Brno International Business School (BIBS) meet the requirements of British higher education system, quality and obtained the renewal of licenses for providing all of its seven British higher education programs to the next, six-year period.

University of British quality standards may be Czech higher education in many ways an inspiration. „British universities have built a functional internal quality management system – a system of schools is essentially the same, and thus allowing the British universities rather than objective,“ said Rector, BIBS, Doc. Ing. Keřkovský Miloslav, Ing., MBA. "Another advantage of the quality of university programs in Britain that are built on well-defined criteria, the quality of British universities, and evaluation results determine the quality of British universities are regularly provided to the general public. UK applicants to study at university for example, substantially more than we use the information on the quality of higher education as one of the main criteria for their selection. Various other, alternative evaluation rankings of universities are a hot topic and the British media, although there is a need to say that in Britain, led a discussion of their relevance, "he added.

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