New courses at the Faculty of Arts Added:26.4. 2008
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New courses at the Faculty of Arts

From the autumn semester 2008 is possible at the Philosophical Faculty in Brno to study two new courses – Mediterranean Studies and English Language Translation.

** Mediterranean STUDY **

** About the field: ** Study This study aims to provide students with a comprehensive linguistic, literary and historical knowledge of the language associated with a Mediterranean cultural space. ** Type of study: ** So far it is possible to study a Bachelor's degree, students can choose between single-and dvouoborovým study. ** Entrance Exams ** entrance exams include the so-called qualification problem – it is a written examination uchazečových knowledge of ancient history (in the range of secondary curriculum, important is knowledge of the basic works of ancient literature, in Greek mythology and ancient art), the geographical knowledge of ancient and contemporary Mediterranean and language skills (to select from English, German, French, Italian and Spanish). ** The projected number of applicants admitted: 25 ** ** Graduates ** After completion of the field of Mediterranean studies would be well able to graduate a Romance language and modern Greek language and have sufficient awareness of the literary history of all the major cultures of the Mediterranean region. Depending on their choice may specialize in ancient culture, philosophy and most important architectural monuments.

Translation ** ENGLISH **

** The field ** This field is to help students acquire practical and theoretical conditions for the translation work of the English language. ** Type of study: ** in translation of English language studies in the masters program, one-and two-field. Graduates can apply to any field of undergraduate study, not just English. Entrance Exams ** ** The prerequisite for studying this field is excellent knowledge of English and Czech language, attitude to work with text and not just focus on cultural events in English speaking countries. Entrance exams are written and oral. Written part examines the applicant's know­ledge of English, Czech, general knowledge and orientation in the text, the oral part is to examine student motivation during the interview. ** The projected number of applicants admitted: ** 17 ** Graduates ** Whoever gets in Translation English Masters, should demonstrate a thorough knowledge of both the mother tongue and English should be equipped with technical skills for translation work and should be familiar with the culture, culture and current events selected English-speaking country.

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