Additional entrance exams in psychology and Polish in Ostrava Added:23.4. 2008
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Additional entrance exams in psychology and Polish in Ostrava

Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava lists additional admission to the newly accredited degree programs:

** Psychology ** This is a two-field studies in the bachelor program and attendance form. Psychology degree program provides training for those who wish their psychological knowledge to use in working with people. Selected study combinations: Psychology – French Language and Literature Psychology – Polish Language and Literature Psychology – Russian Language and Literature Psychology – Spanish Language and Literature Psychology – Latin Language and Culture

** Polish ** in Business It is a single-subject Bachelor's degree in combined form. Delivering will be in Ostrava / Czech Cieszyn. Graduates should be able to use a Polish general in the C1 level, have knowledge of professional Polish at the B2 level and an overview of the economy, culture and administrative structure of Poland.

Registration for both courses will be accepted only electronically, and to 14 May 2008. Candidates will receive an invitation in this case, only an e-mail, and by 19 May 2008. Entrance examinations will be held a week from 26 30 May 2008.

For more information please go to „site univerzity“:

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