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How seniors are experiencing the last month before the maturity test? Added:28.4. 2008
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How seniors are experiencing the last month before the maturity test?

Today's poll will reveal the feelings of this year's graduates. How to prepare for adulthood and to test any entrance exams? How to manage stress? Some have certainly been busy learning, others perhaps from the fateful day, trying to sail a sea of ​​alcohol. To some it is a must. How about you? Get inspired …

** For this year's graduates, we have prepared the following questions: **

  1. How do you prepare for graduation?
  2. Hlásíš to university or college? Where? You prepare for entrance exams?
  3. What are your feelings? How do you fight stress?

** Catherine M., Middle School, Czech Brod – Liblice **

  1. I'm trying to prepare high school diploma, but hard to do I make, like almost everyone …
  2. The application I have filed a law, police and ecology, so I hope I get at least somewhere. But I do not know where I really wanted most – everything I find interesting.
  3. The stress I had written more before graduation, but now it might be okay.

** D. Ata, Secondary School Education, Caslav **

  1. I study at a teachers' college and now I have had written a high school diploma and graduation from the practical arts. So now I just waiting for the oral final examination. Brings together issues and trying to schedule a time for learning each subject.
  2. I claim to several colleges. If, however, I did not go well, I'd like to try college. I wish I could get at Masaryk University in Brno, I have two applications are submitted to the Faculty of Arts (Combined Art Studies, Education) and one in Education (Teaching and czech výtvarky). Therefore I try to train the individual examples of TSP (Test study assumptions) from previous years and I signed up for an eight-hour course in Glasgow. If I pass through the TPS, I've got more talent in a test of art, if not pass, I'm feeling lucky at the University of Hradec. I'm afraid of what I have waiting, and also that more people than I would have liked, is more intelligent than I, and thus does not pass at the entrance …
  3. I am the person subject to stressful situations and I know that stress and nervousness can greatly push my performance to the lower limit. How do I combat stress? I do not know. Maybe I will still be enough certified chocolate, but maybe I'll have to try some antidepressants.

** Monica B., Integrated High School, Cologne: **

  1. Trying to teach in her free time, but of course, as the saying goes, everything in moderation.
  2. I will send applications to college, and the Caslav (marketing) and Mlada Boleslav (on finance). At the entrance exams do not prepare too far …
  3. The stress I was up today because I realized that tomorrow I can no practical graduation, so I try to catch up on what you can, but otherwise everything is cool.

** Stephanie S. Central School of Education, Caslav **

  1. This is not nehrotím, but when we learn some questions to learn them.
  2. I'm reporting on University Education in Hradec Kralove (social pedagogy with a focus on institutional care, pathology, prevention) and Brno (social education and leisure). At the entrance exams to prepare so that they do model tests study assumptions.
  3. I have a feeling that will not take me anywhere … But we do not resolve stress – not worth it.

** Thomas A., Orten Grammar School, Kutna Hora: **

  1. On weekends, I go with a friend and we pass the question of Czech, but this week I am going to delve into other subjects.
  2. I claim to four universities – Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Science, Biology and Geography with a focus on education), University of Agriculture in Prague (Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, Department of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture), Mendel in Brno (Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Breeding ), University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Biology and the protection of organisms of interest). The entrance exams are still not teaching – given that I'm the one adopted by the university, it might let loose completely.
  3. I want to have a graduation for me. I look forward to long holidays and studying at university. Will it (snad!) nice change. Stress is fortunately not yet failed. I have no defense against him ahead of it up. I'll see when it arrives.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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