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Even in a small space, great things can happen Added:24.4. 2008
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Even in a small space, great things can happen

They show, moreover, the two events that occurred in the past few days in Prague, the Rag Day 2008 …

The venue for the first of them – the festival Pavlač ** ** – the subtle building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. One of the classrooms have served as a theater with a mostly comedic repertoire, drab school corridors are transformed into an exhibition hall and a small courtyard Balcony (which also gave name to the whole festival) in the bowels of the school occupied a few hours of musical stage. All this in itself suggests the program content of the event, which took place there for the twelfth time.

The initial delay of all the visitors will certainly compensate for storm multi-genre of great bands at the forefront of a group Pankix as the culmination of the evening. „It was mostly about young bands, many of them was a member of one of our faculty. Most of the groups featured in the gallery for the first time, as it is every year, "he told us one of the main organizers and performers while Martin Valeš. Contributed to the good mood, but also typically the "student“ food, which had put the hunger and thirst. And since everything is happening on campus, the twelfth year nethermost chamber to end ten o'clock.

Action Rag ** ** Underground held a day later, on Wednesday 23 April. For the organizers have relied on it, as the name suggests, non-traditional areas of Prague metro. And obviously it paid off because the bands around who have had their hour show, crowded and the people who originally were going somewhere else entirely. „I wanted to go to a lecture, but when I saw what was happening, so I do not like it change your mind,“ she told us one of the onlookers.

And what was it like playing in a place not exactly built for live music? "For us it was a pretty cool experience and I think we enjoyed it all rigidly. Of course, acoustically and technically it was not completely fine-tuning, but our performances are not yet very well overall tuning, so it's up so bad … At least we do not mind, as perceived by passengers, it is a question more for them. We have reiterated that sometimes, I think it was a remarkable experience for both us and our fans. And so it was just underground, we should play directly on the subway on the platform, "said Peter Mazur with exaggeration of the luxury of young bands that performed at the station concourse bridge.

Adjacent channel Museum revived among other guys from the band Fidibus. „I know better places for performances, this was more fun, the apparatus has been our only guitar amp. But when one vrzne back in the tube, right? So a little unusual opportunity. That does not mean that we did not play to the maximum. We might repeat it sums up his feelings …“, the singer Vojtech Urbanek.

Both events were only a small tasting from another marathon, which took place or not take place until the Rag Day 2008 **. ** It then culminates in the 26th April in Pilsen, the witch in Prague and a week later in Glasgow.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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