COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Biology - Part I Added:30.4. 2008
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The degree program in Biology can be found at various schools, various interesting subjects. On most of them can also studying biology at the Teacher Training – we have not only spent time bachelor's fields, which are not focused on the future of education. Even so, the offer is wide and interested in science can certainly find it in the field of your dreams. Note: Article was updated on the 12th 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

** Palacky University in Olomouc ** ** Fields ** Molecular and Cellular Biology Systematic Biology and Ecology Experimental Biology

** Molecular and Cell Biology ** ** Features ** Field includes a rapidly evolving biological discipline and focuses on the possibilities of their practical application. Students should obtain education needed for agricultural work in laboratories and medical institutions in the biotech workplace, laboratories pursuing genetically modified products in the basic and applied research.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates in the last academic year: 223 Number received in the last academic year: 72 Estimated number received for this academic year: 30

** Systematic Biology and Ecology ** ** Features ** Students in the course of study acquire basic knowledge in botany and zoology, physiology of plants and animals, and evolution of lower and higher plants, and phylogeny of invertebrate chordates, ecology, cell biology and genetics, required knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry. They will use the information in biology. Student will gain practical experience working in the laboratory or field. It may continue into the master's program or find opportunities in public administration, environmental protection, biological labs, to work with youth, etc.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates in the last academic year: 104 Number received in the last academic year: 23 Estimated number received for this academic year: 25

** Experimental Biology ** ** Features ** About this business unfortunately faculty disclose more information. Will probably be „here“:…dijni-obory/?… [showUid] = 751 & cHash = e801bee3a2.

** ** The chances of adoption Estimated number received for this academic year: 25

** Requirements for entrance examinations for both courses: Biology ** the basics of chemistry in the range of school curriculum

„Site of the faculty“:

** University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice ** ** Fields ** Biology Biomedical Laboratory Technology

** Features ** ** Biology ** Study is designed for students wishing to continue their education at one of the masters of biologically-oriented disciplines. It is a preparation for this follow-up study.

Biomedical Laboratory Technology ** ** Knowledge and skills acquired during their studies students will practice to perform basic and special work in biological and medical laboratory equipment.

** ** The number of accepted applicants Biology: 130 Biomedical Laboratory Techniques: 35

** Entrance Exam ** In both fields can be accessed without entrance examinations, but only under the terms of ‚here‘:…/prijbak.pdf. In other cases, the entrance test by doing a test study of the general assumptions in the National Comparative Test of Scio and in a knowledge test of „biology“:…c/BI2009.pdf and the chemistry ":…c/CH2009.pdf. Applicants may choose to use a test of OSP, or a knowledge test, or to pass an entrance exam in both tests.

„Site of the faculty“:

** University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem ** ** Field Biology in full-time and part-time study **

** Features ** ** ** Daily attendance Students receive a general education, including biological lessons from field and laboratory work. In addition to the continuation of the master study provides a way to prepare graduates with the entry into practice. Working in the science museums, government institutions dealing with conservation and environmental, botanical and zoological gardens, departmental Institute for Agricultural and forestry research. You may pay a professional representation of companies, and the popularization of science journalism.

** ** Combined Studies Besides knowledge and skills in basic biological disciplines the student receives adequate guidance also in related disciplines (chemistry, physics, informatics). Graduates may apply to workplaces with a biological focus, as a specialist for museums, botanical and zoological gardens, environmental organizations, professional staff of the government or educational institutions.

** Number of received ** 30 (PS) 60 (KS)

** Entrance Exam ** Written test in biology

„Site of the faculty“:

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