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Summer practice in the media - a lot of experience and an empty pocket Added:2.5. 2008
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Summer practice in the media - a lot of experience and an empty pocket

Although the school is still in full swing, do no harm to think about it now, what with leisure holidays. Most students will try to find summer jobs and at least partially fill the ONU never nezmenšující deep hole in the budget. But why not combine business with pleasure? What do you like to provide for a summer practice? We bring advice on how to get over years of experience in the media and what you can expect from it.

** How ** Experience in the media in most journalism schools, the obligatory part of the study. Mostly, however, offer practical only in the print media. To try to work in television or radio, it will require you to greater self-benefit. Do not fly off the handle if the first attempt fails. If you have contacted the person (department personnel, the editor, deputy editor, etc.), insist on answers, even if negative. The reminder, however, do not forget the grace. ** How much: ** The sad news for all those who would like to join the Brigade practice is that most practice is officially free of charge. But here it is important the word „officially“. It's up to you whether you can convince the parent that your work deserves the corresponding cash prize. Do not expect that you will come to the practice of staggering amounts. Your reward for the most part will only practical experience, which boasts the CV. It is also often happens that where practices are doing, eventually you will find a steady job, or. You will notice people from other media. ** Where: ** The spectrum of media is varied and depends only on you, what more gravitate. On TV or radio for an overview of the hectic work they perform daily local editors, as well as in major newspapers. If you attend practice in smaller newsrooms in print media, you can count on the fact that you will get more attention and your new colleagues will usually be more willing or less will leave a larger portion of their tips. To close, however, specialize, such as sports news, small newsrooms with this idea usually fail. Conversely, if you want to try to work only editor, but also a photographer, web editor, and in some cases, even the editor's work, local offices are the right choice.

Whether you decide to practice elsewhere, try to keep you on your temporary colleagues and superiors remembered for good. A little bit of positive ads during the subsequent job search handy. For a better idea of ​​what awaits you at practice, read the opinions of students who have some experience behind them:

Catherine Trebuláková, Bruntálsko and Krnov diary Krnov

  • What do you think about the possibility or need to do practice in the media?

The practice is most important, certainly today. I'm glad I was able to complete it within the school, it was certainly easier to implement it, stood behind me when an organization. It certainly makes sense, because up to practice, I found that the theory is indeed a nice thing, but with her when I apply for jobs not pass. I think that less than two months it's worth, from the beginning it's just a oťukávání, the only time one is able to function independently.

  • What are some practical experience, you've graduated?

Only the best, because I was lucky to humans. As I said, initially as a familiarization with what I actually find out who to contact, where to get information in time, this person does it automatically. Practice definitely taught me more responsibility, because I suddenly was not just for themselves but also mattered to me that newspaper came out as planned. I met many interesting people who would otherwise not have a chance to see their work …

  • Do you have a tip for those who intend to practice, or to think of it? What they should be careful?

Attention would have to put mainly on its approach to practice because when you introduce someone to be unreliable, so he hardly anyone entrust a greater cause. It means to walk in time, be polite, even if it is on the other hand, because his behavior one could damage the entire editorial staff and handle the matter with her a long time. If someone is going to practice in a particular term is really a good idea to arrange in advance, because the interest on the practice of any kind is a huge underestimate, and mainly – if you have to, can handle anything.

Michael Liskova, Czech Television Studio Brno

  • What do you think about the possibility or need to do practice in the media?

Practice is the only truly useful and enjoyable future thing, studying journalism without practice is useless. I graduated from a three-month practice and I think that was sufficient. But the length generally depends on the type of media and využívanosti man – if you work eight or more hours a day, just a month and practice, because then you actually work there – but unfortunately mostly for free or for a pittance.

  • What are some practical experience, you've graduated?

With my experience I was very happy. I learned what I needed and I always wanted to do.

  • Do you have a tip for those who intend to practice, or to think of it? What they should be careful?

Practice is a unique opportunity and everyone has to make the best, mostly it's about finding contacts, which is something I do not get anywhere else in the future should take advantage of life, if not the practice, I have never so great job, and would not dream of I thought that the dream of a television reporter to get in twenty-two most-watched television in the country. And advice? Just do not be afraid of nothing, no media selection must be considered.

John B. Diary Oh!, Prague

  • How did you get to work in a slice of tabloid?

My friend knew that I study journalism and told me that in Aha! looking for editors.

  • What do you think about the possibility or need to do practice in the media?

I definitely think that experience is irrelevant to the moon. But also depends on what kind of work and how many hours a day doing. For example, when I was in practice in a newspaper for a month and they gave me a poll with celebrities, I think it very much could, perhaps only improved communication and phone numbers of celebrities, which was later thrown. AHA! I was four months, sometimes fifteen hours a day – I think both the parties that took place and two in the morning, and that I must have been due to the reportage.

  • What are some practical experience, you've graduated?

It gave me a lot. I met a lot of work in the stray book, stress, what such work entails, I improved in writing articles, reports … interview is to improve communication with people, I just tried to work at full throttle, you really want in the future do, but not already in the diary. That's a lot of stress.

  • Do you have a tip for those who intend to practice, or to think of it? What they should be careful?

Certainly they should try such a practice for them in further work is essential. I have tried the editor of the society, and it will also want to pay. It gave me so much and I remember it, even though I had some pretty annoying. But I also experienced a good time, which would otherwise come. For example, various golf tournaments, parties, filming …

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