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Updated:22.1. 2013
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The study of psychology is a lot of people dream the future. Fulfill that dream can now have students in three different faculties. Each offers a slightly different focus, a form of study or exercise. See what the one that offers them. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-K-)


** Faculty ** Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology (Celetna 20, Prague 1)

** Course characteristics: ** student who is admitted to the study of psychology, has had in the reception committee since its inception have personal maturity and concern for human problems. During the study should be performed to obtain the prerequisites for professional psychologists in different fields (educational psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, work …). Graduates may apply in health care, education and educational practice, or social services. Places are also research institutions. Postgraduate studies, however, provides only a basic knowledge of all areas of psychology, training for selected students get to study for doctoral studies. Currently, the psychology department is looking into its new speaker series, from which we promise to improve teaching and add a new psychological disciplines.

** Degree Program: Master ** full study-time.

Entrance Exams ** ** are two rounds. The first round consists of written tests of knowledge of biology or social science (one of the options chosen by the candidate) test in psychology, free psychological treatment intended topic of study and test assumptions. The second round of the Oral and consists of an interview to read the literature on general topics and psychological motivation and expectations for the study.

For more information on the „pages of the faculty.“: Http://psycho­logie.ff.cuni­.cz

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Psychology Study opens door to careers in many fields (foto. stock.xchng)

Masaryk University in Brno

** Faculty ** Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Psychology (Joštova 10 Brno)

** Course characteristics: ** Bachelor's task is to prepare students for professions in which one gets into personal contact with others, and where psychological knowledge and skills can improve quality or efficiency. The study is composed half and half from the theory (the basics of general, social, developmental psychology …) and practice (especially communications, diagnostics …). In addition, FSS, Brno, alone, offers study-time, so that students could use in their work and used information from another branch, or use knowledge of psychology to work in another field.

** Degree program: ** full-time undergraduate, or bachelor's combined single-subject study.

Entrance Exams ** ** provided by Scio ( The přijímačkám must attend studijník Test assumptions and a test of social science.

** Number of applicants: ** to study jednooborovému 2007/2008 – 647 ** Number of applicants admitted: ** to study jednooborovému 2007/2008 – 1966 ** The number of candidates: ** to all forms of study 2008/2009 – 500

For more information on the „pages of the faculty.“: Http://psych.fss­­dex.php

Masaryk University in Brno

** Faculty ** Faculty of Arts, Psychology Department, Arna Novak 1, Brno

** Course characteristics: ** Five-year study of psychology at the Faculty of Arts is divided into two cycles – the first cycle lasts three years and completed a comprehensive examination, the second two years and its completion the student must defend a thesis and pass the final examination. Studying psychology at the faculty aims to educate professionals universal. According to the Institute of Psychology graduates work in many fields – in health care, diagnostic institutes, hospices, education, in educational and psychological counseling, in premarital, marital and family counseling, organization, management, industry and transport, advertising, judiciary , armed forces, and many others. After graduation to obtain teacher qualification can also teach graduate psychology in secondary schools.

** Degree program: ** full-time or combined Master's study-time.

** Entrance Exams ** consist of two written tests – namely Test study assumptions and subject test, which examines knowledge of psychology.

** Number of applicants 2007/2008: 1202 ** ** The number of accepted applicants 2007/2008: 85 ** ** The number of applicants 2008/2009: ** 90 For more information on the „pages of the faculty.“: Http://www.phil­

Pychologii and its related fields can be further studied here: „University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“: „The Prague High School of Psychosocial Studies, Ltd..“: Http:// „University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: "The University of Palacky in Olomouc“:

Sources: websites of individual faculties

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