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Even during svaťáku can catch something. Advise you how! Added:7.5. 2008
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Even during svaťáku can catch something. Advise you how!

As soon as he wakes from a euphoric feeling in the hands of actually wielding the latest report card from high school, he again took to the knížkám – is the Graduation is around the corner and you have just one week that you are well prepared for her. Server now brings you a few pointers from Holy Week to extract as much as possible.

** Before you close the room **

Like you, some or many of your classmates, you will not want to be bothered by constant visits, phone calls and advice for help. Even before svaťáku therefore make sure you have all important – and especially the most recent – study materials.

** Learning torture …**

Ideally, the Holy Week is intended rather for the refreshment of topics offered, than to first become familiar with them. As is well known but no one is perfect, and therefore also the holy week, one often learns more than repeats.

Given the limited time that you have it, we recommend at least a brief list of questions or lift point outline of what you say to her. This not only easier to repeat the question when you return to it again, but with her at it and learn. People with visual memory with you would definitely have a supply of highlighters and other aids.

Active learning time takes approximately 15 to 25 minutes. After this time you should give the five-minute break (listen to music, washing dishes, etc.) and then you can resume.

For the process of learning a few tips you can use (at the same time, however, be borne in mind that no uniform recipe for quick and effective learning does not exist and everyone meets something else):

  • Because you better remember what they learn in the beginning, here is a good idea to include more challenging material
  • If possible, try to themselves in the curriculum of the subject thematically (biology, geography …) and time (Czech, history …) to build – it does not pull read the substance of context and it's as if you actually read the individual chapters of a novel
  • For each question you want to know something that is beneficial for you or interesting (or at least namlouvejte that it is) – you will get it and the process of learning more interesting and more beneficial
  • Someone also may meet the ongoing motivation in the form of rewards (short walks or watching the show on TV) for a number of staged questions. For others, however, this form may result in motivation that will begin to focus less because they are trying to accelerate learning. This, however, the learning happens only cursory reading, that does not have the desired effect.

If you teach at home, do not be afraid to speak it aloud, parents will be sure that you study diligently, and you again try to formulate a sentence as he is in the spirit rarely say. If you got extra time, try yourself or with friends simulated Mock Baccalaureate – pull out a number of questions, give yourself 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes, then speak out loud. Even though we are not able and we consider it a waste of time, at least once this game definitely also try – know that to do it.

The last day before the test really only set aside a recurrence. With increasing fatigue after a busy week as learning ability and decreases slowly towards the end it also decreases the ability to concentrate. The best solution is to completely relax in the evening, to be loaded into the tub and just „off“. Definitely go to bed early, and that, even if the test fold in the afternoon, because learning to two in the morning for a fresh look and feel confidence in yourself definitely add. And believe that this also plays a role.

** Do not forget your body **

If you find that all-day session can consume a lot of energy, the opposite is true. Therefore, it applies here as well as many doctors tumbling advice on drinks: drink, even if they do not have a thirst, so the optimum amount is 2 to 2.5 liters (of course non-alcoholic) fluids a day. Prevent mental fatigue, as well as your entire body, the brain needs to function properly your water. You should drink mainly ion and vitamin drinks, mineral water, table water, juices and various teas (but beware, some herbs can have a dampening effect). Also diet is important – so treat your body with five small servings of snacks per day and not forget fruits and vegetables, while the sirloin with dumplings can now command rather than as a reward for successfully mastered high school diploma. Learning helps especially vitamin B, which is located for example in various types of nuts, potatoes, liver, pork and poultry meat, eggs, etc., as well as vitamin C, which increases the ability to concentrate, and equally important for mental work are also trace elements such as iodine , phosphorus, zinc and selenium (the good sources are fish, among other things). On the contrary, you should limit the addition of heavy meals also smoking and drinking too much coffee (which can replace the example already mentioned green tea, but also applies here: everything in moderation). During the day, also easily pass or go through the learning and keep the window open due to oxygen.

** A couple of tips at the end **

During svaťáku, even before the test itself, constantly remind you that you passed it in front of tens of thousands of students with different abilities and attitude to learning, so you must too. Think also about where you go with friends to celebrate a success or a family. And if it did not help, remember that there is still appeal the September deadline, which will, if successful, still does not begin in October on a high …

Author: Černá, Lucie

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