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It is important to practice or further study? Added:11.5. 2008
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It is important to practice or further study?

Výsledky průzkumu Univerzity Palackého o preferencích jejích studentů

What percent of people want right after graduating from high school to start a business? It is important for students to practice or knowledge of a foreign language? I studied it at Palacky University.

Palacky University in collaboration with a technology park and business incubator in Manchester carried out on 10 – 14 April between students of the University Palacky extensive survey of their professional preferences. The survey, which took place in the space of the main canteen and canteen Neředín was attended by a total of 1087 students from all faculties.

In mid-April was among the students, Palacky University conducted a survey of their professional preferences. The main organizer of the event was a Technology Park, which includes a business incubator: „Through our questionnaire we wanted to find out what they plan to students after graduation, how they would like to apply to the labor market,“ said survey coordinator Silvia Polánková, adding: " We managed to reach students from all faculties. Most of the respondents are students of the Faculty of Arts, at least among the respondents were obtained Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology students. "

Palacky University students now preparing rarely. More than half of all students, specifically 55% of respondents at the end of high school wants to enter into an employment relationship: „After school I'd like to find well-paid full-time job, I gained much needed experience and practice“, said Luna, a student of 5th year of the Faculty of Law. A further 28% of students planned to travel after high school and better themselves in the language. The third major group consists of those students who are not satisfied with only one university degree and want to start studying the next high school: "In June I finally had to do final exams. In January, I have not filed an application to other high school because I think that I find my current field of application, "George explained his decision, a student of the Faculty of Arts.

According to research immediately after obtaining a diploma, take only about 7% of respondents in the future and thinking about it for another 6% of respondents. Business students are not attracted too. According to Ing. George herring, director of STP UP, but not anything unusual: „The survey results only confirmed the current trends in education. Slowly but surely, a prerequisite for a successful career becomes a study of more than one university and the perfect knowledge of at least one foreign language. This could also correspond to our findings, "Herinek this trend, however, also sees an advantage:“ Higher education and experience from abroad are certainly many students who today are not thinking about business in general, cause the mind to change, because it is satisfied that the young entrepreneurs can be successful . Business Incubator in Manchester they will still be available. "

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