Boasting the Silesian University in Opava - Russian Library Added:3.5. 2008
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Boasting the Silesian University in Opava - Russian Library

Silesian University won the first Russian library in the Czech Republic. Owes her present mainly in Moscow libraries NA Nekrasov in the form of nearly five hundred volumes, which formed the basis of the newly created fund. The emergence of the library personally brokered and backed the General Consul of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic, Viktor Ivanovich Sibilev.

„It's a great holiday for us,“ he said at the ceremonial opening Sibilev library 21st April Olbrichově building on the street. Right at the start of the library has acquired five dozen titles, which contributed to the Russian center of science and culture in Prague. Its director Boris Viktorovich Ion confirmed that the library is the first of its kind in the country.

„The use of collected books no doubt. I think for the students and teachers of history, public administration or Central European studies will help immediately welcome, "said the rector thanks doc. PhDr. Rudolf Zacek, Dr. In that regard, it notes the existence and good experience from the operation of Austrian and German libraries. "In addition, corporate legal or idea to open a Polish library in Opava, for which some titles have already been secured,“ he added.

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