MU offers online test TSP free Added:5.5. 2008
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MU offers online test TSP free

Tests study assumptions (TSP), Masaryk University, the candidates may try this first rough draft on the Internet. Masaryk University is opened up a service that allows you to electronically answer questions from older versions of the tests. Applicants can for free to test their chances of acceptance. Immediately after completing the learning of the number of points without having to compute the correct answers in the key.

A new service called „Odpovědníky TSP“ find candidates to e-applications in the Information System of Masaryk University (MU IS) at „­­ka/“: / registration /. In addition to the options available on the internet to answer specific questions on tests from previous years and to verify the accuracy of responses, candidates will receive a number of recommendations, which they can be useful in actual entrance examination. Time limit test mock up of the same time the actual tests and is guarded by a floating timer.

To study the composition of the test assumptions, this university has invited more than 26 000 candidates who submitted nearly 40,000 applications to seven of the nine faculties, where the entrance exam form of the TSP. Received a total of Masaryk University for the academic year 2008/2009 over 58,000 entries, which duly brought over 35,000 visitors.

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