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Erasmus - the more reason to go to college Added:9.5. 2008
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Erasmus - the more reason to go to college

Everyone talks about it. It is becoming increasingly popular, even about it spins and movies, is a student of modern life. Everyone would have said it at least once during the study to try. Mediates the experience of a lifetime, brings invaluable experience and it's all paid for from another pocket. What do you understand under this project and how it could pave the way?

Erasmus is a program to allow short-term studies at the university in some European countries. It is designed not only students but also teachers and trainers, the important thing is that the outgoing receive a financial grant to support their stay. Erasmus is no stranger to the international projects and in 2007 celebrated 20 years of its existence, and this time it used the nearly two million students from across Europe. In the Czech Republic operates the program in its eleventh year, the first students under its auspices in 1998 went so far and these were more than 25 thousand. We can say that this is an increasingly popular issue, and some schools already take for granted try to study abroad.

The Erasmus study period can start only once in all his university studies. The condition is successfully completed at least one year of study course and currently offer the displayed field of study. Admissions to Erasmus at different universities varies greatly. Some departments simply an expression of interest in the study by e-mail, others require special language courses, motivational letters and personal interviews. This information should always provide the department or study center for international studies of the university. After confirmation of receipt should contact the host university and arrange the necessary formalities which are also not the same everywhere (should be based application to study at the university, proof of insurance abroad and a list of items that you intend to study at a foreign school). Do not forget to inquire about the possibility of complete language course before the study and begin searching for suitable accommodation as soon as possible.

Before submitting your application, carefully consider which country you would like published. Consider especially their language skills (not all the lessons for foreign students in the AJ of course, for example in German and French speaking countries without at least a basic knowledge of the mother tongue can not do), the distance space (to come home for Christmas in Austria is less demanding than, for example from Turkey), the financial demands of stay (grant varies according to economic levels of different countries and do not always cover all your expenses, among the most expensive countries including Great Britain and Ireland, the Scandinavian countries and Iceland) and personal resources (in any country you have known? not going yet someone in your school? Do you know what are the cultural practices of the area? Which countries have you visited already?).

From various sources will certainly learn a lot about performance studies, but these may differ materially. The requirements of universities are truly individual. While you will be somewhere just another ordinary Erasmus student who does not have to do almost anything else you may need the same thing as a „normal“ students. Always worth contacting students who already have a university or a country experience. Many can also be found on the websites of universities and there is no shame to ask for any confusion by e-mail or telephone.

Whether you decide to go for a few months or a year, on the other end of Europe or „the threshing floor“, know that it's worth. All handling and initial unpleasant moments you should definitely not be discouraged. As with any other challenges, even Erasmus applies: do not take anything too seriously and seize their chances. This experience will have forever.

Detailed information on Erasmus, see „here.“: Http://­­ew-project-folder&projec­t_folder_id=34&ht­tp://www.vyso­

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