The Special Field: Architecture Added:13.5. 2008
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The Special Field: Architecture

Candidates for the study of architecture has to cope with the considerable demands on the entrance exam. So, before you start preparing, it is advisable to get better acquainted with what the industry brings. Note: The article was updated on December 3, 2009 (-pel-)

** ** The content of studies Undergraduate study is four years. Listeners will gain knowledge in the field of engineering that are needed to address the problems of designing buildings. Branch develops (in this case, essential) knowledge of descriptive geometry. The individual schools are slightly different course of study with its focus – somewhere more space is devoted to the development of creative abilities, students elsewhere is also offered to extend the knowledge of computer technology and humanities. It is also a difference in whether you choose a school where more space is devoted to the design of art, or from a technical point of view.

** Items ** Meet here with subjects such as Fundamentals of Architecture History of Architecture, Structural Mechanics, Design of buildings, Urbanism, studio production, support structures, Building construction.

** Application ** Graduates may find employment in construction and architectural institutions or continue their studies at Master's level.

** Entrance Exam ** The entrance examination has more rounds, only the VSB-TU Ostrava, candidates are recruited on the basis of the study, and study the benefit of average high school. For more information about requirements for admission, see the article Comparison of disciplines: Architecture Part I and II. part.

** Where can I study to study ** „Faculty of Technical University in Prague“: „Faculty of Technical University in Prague“: /… „Faculty of Architecture, BUT“: „Faculty of Art and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec“:…/color2.html „Faculty of Civil Engineering VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava“:

Comparative studies on individual schools can be found „here“:…em/index.php?… and „here“: [[ index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2121st

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