Held on 14 annual competition STUDENT EEICT 2008 Added:13.5. 2008
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Held on 14 annual competition STUDENT EEICT 2008

This year will be held on 14 annual competition for student activities STUDENT EEICT 2008th This competition, like every year, organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, together with the Faculty of Information Technology, BUT.

With projects in the field of electrical engineering, communications engineering, computer science and computer technology is open to students of any year of the bachelor's, master's and doctoral students from both faculties, and now is listed as categories for high school students.

This year, it registered 245 different projects, the best of them will be announced during the finale of the competition, 24 April 2008 at the premises of BUT.

The competition is held under the auspices of the Rector of BUT Karel Rais, and as the main objective is to promote the technical and creative activity of students in defending their work to gain experience with public presentations of the project. In addition to these benefits await the winning authors and a valuable prize or the possibility of further cooperation with hosting the companies.

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