Another project of the exciting lectures Young Sisyphus on Thursday Added:14.5. 2008
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Another project of the exciting lectures Young Sisyphus on Thursday

Department of General Physics at the Faculty of Education University of West Bohemia (UWB) held on Thursday 15 May the next series of lectures for secondary school named Young Sisyphus. This time, subtitled "George Podolsky: Dvojštěrbinové experiments in quantum theory. It will be held in the auditorium UWB KL302 (Klatovska 51) at 15:00.

Young Sisyphus project initiated by Faculty of Applied Sciences, UWB, and launched its first lectures in October 1998, led by Ing. Grygar, PhD. From the Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences. The famous Czech astronomer and astrophysicist, is a member of the Czech Skeptics Club Sisyphus, which focuses on issues of critical thinking and who had just become the inspiration for the above series of lectures.

Their aim is, as the project website Young Sisyphus, „showing different views of the world, the various truths that can be completely different than ours,“ then how the 'unrelated areas of life, at first sight quite different, not everything is seen, is true and not everything that is true, it is seen how dangerous it may be taking over information without thinking „and finally present the“ natural sciences other than what we used to, but also where we expect. "

The whole project and individual lectures (excluding the mathematical physics, etc.) are aimed at students from middle school students and lower grades of the University of West Bohemia, but can also enrich the knowledge of teachers and the general public who has outlined the topics interest.

Current information and details, visit the project „Young Sisyphus“:, on the board UWB Bory or contact address listed below.

Ing. Judith Prokšová, KOF FPE UWB, Klatovská 51, 306 14 Plzen (e-mail:, tel: 377 636 307)


Author: Černá, Lucie

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