COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Philosophy Added:19.5. 2008
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Philosophy once formed the main part of university studies. Studying can be today, but they do not recommend it to combine the University to study another field. Note: Article was updated on the 28th 12th 2009 (-K-)

** Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies **

The field: the study of philosophy at Charles University, provides basic knowledge of ancient, medieval, modern, Czech, continental, analytical and political philosophy. Students should be for a period of study should learn to understand the philosophical text and learn to understand and think about the problem.

Form of study: Bachelor's single or double-subject study, full-time form. Self-management of the University recommends candidates to choose two-field studies in combination with other fields.

Entrance examination: entrance exams consist of two parts. The first, which takes place mostly in the middle of May, is a written aptitude test. It aims to examine how the applicant is able to interpret technical philosophical texts. During the test, the candidate gets philosophical foreign language text to be translated into Czech and then another, written in Czech philosophical text, which interprets. In June, followed by an oral exam, which consists of debate over the reading list.

Projected number of accepted applicants: 30

Graduates: Those who vystudují philosophy, most often applied in education, especially in secondary schools (where they teach the subject SES). PhD students may teach at universities or work as researchers. A much broader application to those who studied philosophy with another discipline. More information „here.“: Http://ufar.ff­

** Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University, Department of Philosophy **

The Field: The subject of study are, first, the history of philosophy (ancient times, medieval and modern philosophy and philosophy of the 19th and 20th century) and the foundations of ethics, logic and systematic philosophy (ontology, epistemology, philosophy and history). The first year is completed advancement in history of philosophy from antiquity to the early 20th century, and some systematic problems of philosophy. Throughout the study, emphasis is placed on the student's knowledge and understanding of literature and philosophical orientation in the history of philosophy.

Form of study: Bachelor, full-time and part-time. In follow-up study with masters student can directly decide between philosophy and social science teachers for secondary schools.

Entrance examinations: the written test, consisting of study assumptions and subject test in philosophy.

Graduates: As graduates of Charles University, applied mainly as teachers or researchers.

More information „here.“: Http://www.phil­

** Palacky University, Department of Philosophy ** The Field: During the study, students gradually learn the history of philosophy from antiquity to the present and the latest philosophical and logical knowledge. It is intended primarily for those who are interested in issues related to European and world philosophical thought and different philosophical disciplines – metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, logic or ethics. Unlike other Palacky University has one more attraction – lectures the author of books on the history of philosophy – Ivan Blecha.

Form of study: Undergraduate full-time, two-field. Applicants may choose a second branch of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Physical Culture, Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty and the Faculty of Education. Entrance examination: Candidates are recruited on the basis of test results expected from the study of Scio.

Projected number of accepted applicants: 55

Graduates: Those who vystudují philosophy at the University, often continue in the interpretation of philosophical texts and other critical areas. But might also apply as teachers, may work in public administration, culture and publishing.

More information „here.“: Http://www.upol­.cz/fileadmin/u­ser_upload/ucha­zeci/Studuj_na_FF­.pdf

The study of philosophy offers other universities or faculties, there is a selection of some of them:

Charles University, Faculty of Education (philosophy, doctoral studies) ":

Charles University, Faculty of Protestant Theology (philosophy, doctoral studies) ":

Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Mathematics – Philosophy, Master's degree) ":

University of Pardubice, Faculty of Philosophy (field of philosophy, bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies) ":

University of Jan Evangelista, Faculty of Arts (philosophy, bachelor degree) ":

University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Arts (philosophy and social science, bachelor degree)

Resources: Web sites of individual faculties.

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