Do you go to university / college, and you enjoy taking pictures? Compete on 30 000! Added:18.5. 2008
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Do you go to university / college, and you enjoy taking pictures? Compete on 30 000!

Education Minister Paul Fox announces photo contest, which is called ** „Presidency of the EU Council in the photograph“ **. The Czech Republic will preside over the Council in the 1st half of 2009 and during that time and will need to properly present its people – for example, through various publications, which should of course be accompanied by photographs.

The mission of the competitions, which is designed for students of universities and colleges with an artistic focus is to select the most interesting set of photos that are thematically related to education at all levels, research and development, youth and sports. Each set of competition should consist of a total of 16 frames: 4 out of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher vocational education, 3 per category of higher education, 3 for R & D, 3 for 3 for youth and sport. The aim is to make the best link these topics with the context of the Czech Republic as an EU member state.

The winning photographs will be used both for preparing publications on the priorities of the Presidency to the EU (which will be distributed among other things, all representatives of member countries in the negotiations), but also for other related publications and will be displayed in designated areas for action in the Czech Republic.

Closing date for entries is 15 September 2008, the photograph must be submitted on CD / DVD in good technical quality (at least 7 million pixels, min. 300dpi) and once in physical form (preferably size 13×18 cm).

The prize is a prize money of 30,000 crowns. The use of photographs of the participants, who wins the competition, but their photos will be your idea of ​​interesting is treated individually after evaluating the competition.

Contact person and at the same address for delivery of competitive packages: Margaret Novak, Ministry of Education – Department for EU Affairs Karmelitská 7, 118 12 Prague 1 tel: 257 193 656, e-mail: @ marketa.novakova

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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