The Special Field: Theology Added:21.5. 2008
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The Special Field: Theology

Theological faculties operated in the Czech Republic, three major universities. Although the focus of these faculties tempting to believe that the content does not exceed the boundaries of religious study subjects certainly do not. (Article was updated on 26 11th, 2009)

** The study ** The theological faculty is usually divided according to individual churches, to which the report of its activities. So, for example, Charles University in Prague offers Hussite Faculty of Theology, Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology, University of Palacky in Olomouc operates St. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology and the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice again find a theological faculty, which also favors the Catholic Church.

** Fields ** All of these faculty offer a wide range of fields who share their particular social, humanitarian and educational focus. For example, in České Budějovice Faculty of Theology offers undergraduate courses separately Humanities, Religious Education and Ethics, Pastoral Assistance, social and charitable work and leisure time pedagogy, the study dvouoborového the Humanities and Religious Science, both combined with either bohemica, or history. Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague offers the bachelor's program in theology courses Hussite theology, Orthodox Old Catholic theology and theology. The combined study of the field can be studied only Hussite theology. The Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty in Manchester then be in the single-subject bachelor's degree study fields of charity and social work (even in combined form), Humanities, International humanitarian and social work, religion, focusing on education and catechesis (in combined form), Social Pedagogy (also in combined form) and theological doctrines (even Combined form). The study dvouoborového can choose either Study Religion Education (in conjunction with selected courses at the Faculty of Education), or Theological Studies (in conjunction with selected courses at the Faculty of Arts). A complete overview of the theological faculties and machinability of the find „here“:…em/index.php?… [] = ny & Places [] = chicago & Places [] = seattle & Places [ ] = Olomouc & Places [] = os & type [] = in & type [] = st & type [] = Sat & type [] = BA & sort [] = m & form [] = dia & length [] = 3 & length [] = 4 & length [] = 5

** Who can live here? ** All these faculties are open to all candidates, regardless of their opinions or religious affiliation. ** The opinion of students: ** Martin Owners (21), Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University Hussite Theology in combination with psychosocial studies

  • Sorry for the personal question at home, but: Are you religious?

No, I'm not religious.

  • How does this affect you in the studio – this is for you in some way more complicated?

My study of it all that much influence and have never encountered any admonitions that I am an infidel, rather the contrary. Even one of my work, in which I „dared“ to doubt the miracles of Jesus Christ, I was rewarded well and saying that the dogma is to some extent question the need to put it again to confirm.

  • Do you have a compulsory practical theology?

Theology is my field side, only presented lectures and seminars. Experience in this field are the people who elected him as principal. My only concerns the practice of social work.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2259/Mar­tina.jpg]

  • It is time for you to study hard, or you can work with him?

That the study of theology was somehow more significant time-consuming, I do. Many students at the school working on a full-time jobs and school masters. In our faculty is also studying the approach of the lecturers, who are often willing to hear our prayers and on the newly-defined conditions (definitely not lighter – if one can not attend lectures, his study is even more difficult at home) and passing the required examination date change.

  • What do you like school, and vice versa as you change?

At our school, I just like the more personal approach to students. Our Faculty is one of the smaller ones there and you feel very good when you remember the name of his teacher and it is not just one of many figures in the list. Then there is the willingness of people – without it, without need to know each other – and help ease the path to another credit or examination. What you are still not finalized, and what I miss is the ability to sign up for each test over the Internet and the Web overall awareness and communication through it.

** Application ** Opportunities for graduates of theology are very broad. It depends of course on what specific field the student is selected and whether they wanted to prepare for church services directly (eg priests), or work with a church-related (for example, in various organizations and institutions). Students apply in this instance the public, private and religious clubs and organizations that deal with social and charitable work, prevention and counseling activities, often applied as well as experts and consultants in the field of religious themes (eg in the media, publishing, education ), etc. Pedagogical prepare students for work in all types of primary and secondary schools (including religious) and parishes, but they can also act as educators in the associations of leisure time, health, physical education or social nature. In the field of religious studies is a prerequisite for the exercise of religious (priests, deacons) services and applications in the general pastoral care.

** ** How to study

Author: Černá, Lucie

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