COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Ethnology Added:23.5. 2008
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Ethnology Czech ears sounds attractive, almost adventurous. In the Czech Republic is also possible to study only in two places. What can you expect from the studio? Running for monitoring forest and the natives? Or visit the Czech folklore events? The following overview will help you find your way. Note: Article was updated on 12 11th 2009 (-bel-)

** Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Arts: Department of European Ethnology ** [Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2261/mu­.jpg * *] ** ** Course characteristics Brno ethnology is specialized mainly in the traditional culture of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Lectures and seminars focus mainly on the interconnections of life and cultures of European nations.

** Study ** Ethnology can be in Brno to study in three full-time undergraduate and continuing two-year master's program, single-subject and Archeology. Students must attend mandatory museum practice, professional tour and two field studies.

** The requirements for admission test ** Entrance exams are only written and consist of a test of general study skills and subject test. It focuses primarily on general knowledge of cultural history and geography at secondary level. Furthermore, it is recommended to get acquainted with the ethnological literature listed on the website of the institute. Candidates may use a two-day course in April, which is designed as preparation for entrance exams.

** ** The view of the student "Brno ethnology is focused on Moravia. While it is good to know that there are persistent in Moravia folk culture in the form of folklore, but if you expect to learn something about such habits of North American Indians, or voodoo magic, so it will to some extent disappointing. Many lectures are also more than the researchers themselves objects of ethnological interest. "Milan S., second-year student.

Chances of admission (information 2007/2008) on the Faculty of Arts: 41%

** More ** "Institute of European Ethnology ':

** Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts: Institute of Ethnology ** ** ** Course characteristics The aim of the first years of the study is primarily to prepare students for master's study focused on the study of general and European (Czech), ethnology and folklore. Research activity focuses on the Czech Republic. Institute cooperates with many European professional workplace.

** Study ** Only single-subject can be studied only ethnology specializing in Vietnamese. Ethnology Archeology can be studied in combination with eg different languages ​​and political science.

** Admission ** The entrance examination is only verbally, on the basis of the submitted list of literature (a list on the website of the Institute). The candidate should also demonstrate an adequate knowledge of history and geography at secondary level and should have sufficient motivation to study.

** Graduates ** Ethnology Graduates may apply to scientific and technical professional workplaces, government, cultural institutions and media.

Chances of admission (information 2007/2008) at Charles University: 23%

** More ** "Institute of Ethnology ':

** Source of chances for adoption **: „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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