Records began in post-secondary language courses Added:22.5. 2008
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Records began in post-secondary language courses

You know already that you do not want to after graduating high school? Or you've missed enough to prepare for entrance exams and do not like losing a valuable year? The solution can be post-secondary language course for one academic year in which you can enroll today.

Courses have taken the form of an intense morning training (about 20 hours per week) in small groups. After completing the course you should be able to handle more demanding certified tests that often the school also offers a direct focus on them. The most frequent languages ​​are English and German, of course, but you can choose from Italian, Spanish or French.

Entries in the post-secondary language courses are already underway. Schools usually have their own information days, offer the opportunity to attend ongoing training and issuing dates of the placement test to help you choose the appropriate level of instruction. In addition, if you're accepted to college and course you change your mind, you do not, in some cases to pay cancellation fees.

Some language schools: „Polyglot“:… „Elvis“:…tni-studium/ „Presto“:… „Tutor“:…itni-studium?… „Overview jazykovýh schools“:

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