Athletes at Universities: Participate in the Czech Academic Games Added:24.5. 2008
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Athletes at Universities: Participate in the Czech Academic Games

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the Czech Olympic Committee will be held in June 2008 for the seventh year of the Czech Academic Games. This year is the 14th time – 20 June organized by the Technical University in Brno in cooperation with MZLU and VFU Brno. Will compete in 32 disciplines, which is the highest ever number of sports games in history. In addition, there is new and exciting sports like football, inline skating and taekwondo.

Registration for the games served to 10 ** ** June, and students must be signed in their own schools. Starting can all university students and university graduates in 2008, with no age restriction. In selected disciplines (eg, beach volleyball, orienteering, karate or water slalom) can start the racers, who graduated in 2007. At some schools will be awarded Medals Thursday for the financial rewards.

Pick up is strength and courage and participate in, or at least come to watch and support the runners. Center events will be under the sports complex, BUT Palacký Hill in Brno.

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