And the marketing can be routine, "says David of the Faculty of Social Sciences Added:26.5. 2008
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And the marketing can be routine, "says David of the Faculty of Social Sciences

David (23) is studying marketing communications and public relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. In addition, prosecutes still work part time in the PR department of an advertising agency. We wondered then what he's on work and school and how they complement each other.

** Why did you decide to study just marketing communications and public relations? ** I had a very limited selection. Because I did not study anything, where would be the entrance exams in mathematics and mathematics where they are taught. I wanted to do something like economics, mathematics, but it was quite close. Marketing communications is a new field, it sounded interesting. Reported there are a lot of people, so it was such a challenge and a second time I worked.

When I applied for the first time, right after graduation, so unfortunately it did not work. But I got an interesting study at the Silesian University in Opava – Teaching Secondary School English and history. There were great people and very interesting subjects, but it was not what I wanted to do in the future. So I decided to quit after the first semester and I tried to work for in a bar in London. After I came back and passed the exams at Charles and maybe now I'm at the end of my sophomore year.

** In addition to study while you work in an advertising agency. How did you get this job? ** Most jobs in this industry is working on … friendly principles. The work of Ogilvy So I came across a senior friend who had good contacts there. I work there as an intern. Permanent position at Ogilvy is not easy to obtain.

** Would you charge readers to approach their work? ** As I said, I paid internship, but it practically amounts to function in public relations account executive. I am responsible for a variety of executive performance – it should work with the media sheet, preparation and conduct press conferences, a selection of suitable candidates for various events (events), writing PR articles, media monitoring and presentation.

** What do you enjoy the most? ** Most probably the fact that the work has a total positive outlook. I can not say that I terribly enjoyed what I'm doing right now. I like it but that any action that will execute the work, to get away somewhere. I still learn something. So here I find how what we learn in school, works in practice.

** What are you doing the most interesting? ** I enjoy most about the preparation of press conferences, arranging and organizing them. Working with those people when I select a particular individual to anything under the client's most convenient. I Processing presentations – if it's an interesting topic, so it obviously helps. But otherwise it's mostly kind of routine work. Much of it repeats.

** What bothers you most at work? ** Nejprotivnější about is when a client calls, you have to do something the next day. You know while you're on the same day, three different deadline, and there is no chance to catch it.

** We meet more often with such a stressful things? ** Generally not, or rather I did not. I'm not there full time, so it's not so stressful. I'm there for a predetermined period of time, maybe 20 hours a week and I have assigned some work done in the timeframe I have to catch. I do not have to be reserved for one of its clients, for whom I was responsible purely me.

** Uplatňuješ employment in the knowledge that you gained in school? ** Truthfully, not really. Some things yes – those general issues, especially from a media standpoint. As for the need of processing and presentation of team work, so it's very useful. Rather it's about what I learn from the school as a whole, not specific subjects. It's not that I said „of research and measuring the effectiveness of marketing using it, do it“ – more on my school work as a whole, that the sort of people I have contact with, the contacts that I have here, and then applied in the the work we do in Ogilvy.

** It is this work necessary higher education? ** Certainly not, but it certainly helps.

** How does the university you study? ** First of all contacts. And the title, which opens the door. However, the question may have much less experience than someone who never studied this field, but it's better for talent.

** Since you graduated, you have moved somewhere else. What? How has it changed your life? ** Well, let's say that in those 4 years that have elapsed since graduation, I moved a little. I got a chance to work in a field that even studying, I enjoy it in total and also have the prospect for the future. I live with American students, so my English improved as well, which is to work in marketing and PR need. Unlike the time I graduated, I lost some of the ideals and began to feed himself and I guess what I'm doing in 5 years …

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